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    Mailfence Review – Provider of all in one service

    Have you ever wondered what can be a better alternative for Gmail, Google docs and many other features? In this blog, we will be talking about Mailfence- provider of all in one service.

    Mailfence provide email services which are very secure and safe to use. We first need to understand why we need any such services as we have got plenty of option. I will try to make you understand why digital signatures in email, end to end encryption is a must when it comes to the security.

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    Why privacy and encryption matters?

    When you send your email or message you don’t want any other person to read it except to the one who you have send. But there are many email service provider whose whole System is not end to end encrypted. This mean that any other unauthorised person can easily read the email be it the service provider or Network provider.

    Hence,  end to end encryption came into the picture which enabled the security where when user will send the message it will be encrypted on his side and only the concerned person can decrypt the message making whole message system secure.

    What can be the solution?

    Mailfence can be the best solution for your problem as it provide end to end encryption. This encrypted email provider is a fully featured service that has excellent interoperability with all other OpenPGP compatible encrypted email services. And, it is considered by many to be the best alternative to the fully featured G suite.

    Mailfence- All you need to know

    Mailfence is a secure email provider that was first launched in 2013 by ContactOffice Group. Generally, Mailfence has an excellent reputation with both users and security experts (because its encryption is based on open source cryptographic fundamentals). However, it is worth bearing in mind that the content license is proprietary; which means there are closed source elements to its full suite of services (encompassing a calendar, document storage, and more).

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    Features of Mailfence

    Down below are some of the best features of Mailfence which you can see as they are very beneficial in one way or the other.

    Mailfence is not only limited to email, it has more services to offer. We have listed down the other features for you to see.

    • Supports POPS, IMAPS, and SMTPS. Popular email protocols are supported for sending and receiving emails across various providers.
    • Password encrypt emails. This feature is based on symmetric encryption and allows users to password encrypt emails (encryption and decryption by sender and receiver) within their browser. This allows emails to be sent encrypted with a key that is never shared with the Mailfence back-end (known as a zero-knowledge framework). The encryption is based on an audited open source cipher library and permits Mailfence users to send encrypted messages to non-Mailfence users.
    • Full synchronization: Synchronize your accounts via desktop and mobile devices.
    • Groups: Securely manage and share files, contacts, calendars, and mailboxes with other members of your groups.
    • Calendar, contacts, and documents storage: The availability of these features allows people who are used to using Google’s suite to migrate while still retaining most of the functionality they are accustomed to.
    • Custom domain support: Users can opt to have. Mailfence or unique domain name email addresses of their choice.
    • Two Factor Authentication: Users can use 2FA apps to further protect their account.

    Best plans of Mailfence:-


    Above is the plans of Mailfence from which you can any one according to your requirement. Go ahead and enjoy the services of Mailfence which has a lot to offer. The one of the best part about this service provider is that it works fine with all the screens be it tablet, phone, laptop.

    I hope you like this software as it’s one of the best I have seen in recent time. Head over to their website to learn more about this ideal alternative for Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs.



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