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    How-to Fix MacBook Microphone Stopped Working, 2019 [Tutorial]

    Fix MacBook Microphone Stopped Working, 2019 [Tutorial]: MacBook Microphone comes in-built with the Mac. What will happen if it stops working, you will be not able to use the feature of Skype and other video calls. If the microphone will not work properly then half of the feature will not work properly.

    Hence in this blog, we will be talking about how you can fix this issue at the earliest. Below are some of the method which will help you to solve this problem.

    Configure the Microphone

    Fix MacBook Microphone Stopped Working, 2019 [Tutorial]: First and foremost, you will have to configure your Microphone so that it’s not off in the setting and it is recognized. Follow the below steps to configure the Microphone.

    1- Open the System Preferences app and click on the Sound icon.

    2-Select Input from the tabs at the top of the window

    3-You should see ‘Internal Microphone’ listed in the table—this is your MacBook’s built-in microphone.

    4-Select the ‘Internal Microphone’ and start saying something out loud to make a sound

    5-Below the Input selection box you should see some grey bars lighting up to show the input level.

    6-Drag the Input volume slider above that so that the microphone volume is loud enough.

    Fix MacBook Microphone Stopped Working, 2019 [Tutorial]:
    Fix MacBook Microphone Stopped Working, 2019 [Tutorial]:
    7-If you can’t see ‘Internal Microphone’ in the list then your Mac isn’t recognizing its own microphone.

    Reset Your PRAM

    You can reset the PRAM setting so that all the setting returns to the default.

    These include settings for brightness, volume, startup-disk, and some microphone configurations. 

    How to perform a PRAM reset:

    1. Click the Apple icon in the top left and select Shut Down
    2. Wait for the MacBook to complete turn off
    3. Press the power button and hold cmd+alt+P+R
    4. Keep the buttons held for 20 seconds or until you hear a chime
    5. Release the buttons and wait for your MacBook to start up as normal

    Reinstall the App or Get Support

    Fix MacBook Microphone Stopped Working, 2019 [Tutorial]: if the microphone is not working in any one application then you should uninstall that application. As there may be the chances that application is having that problem.

    To delete the application follow the below steps.

    1-You can delete an app by opening the Applications folder in Finder and dragging the relevant app icon to the Trash.

    2-Make sure you empty the Trash and restart your MacBook before trying to install the app again, ensuring that all its data has been erased.

    Contact Apple support

    If none of the options will work then try to contact the Apple support. They will provide you the best solution. You can book the appointment they will look into your problem.




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