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    How to modify any Android App in 5 Minutes

    As we all know about the Lucky Patcher, it is a very amazing tool to crack android applications and enhance the capabilities of your phone. It cracks your apps and does fantastic things for you. So, you are surely going to enjoy the amazing options it is going to provide you for sure. You can remove license verification and also advertisements from many applications and that too free of cost. The best part about the Lucky Patcher is that it is absolutely free of cost. And that’s why today we are going to see How to use Lucky Patcher on Android. So, let’s check this out.

    How to use Lucky Patcher on Android?

    It is a little bit complicated thing but not anymore. As today I am going to explain this to you in a very simple and easy manner. And let me tell you that, different steps are to be followed to complete various tasks. So, today we are going to talk about the steps to remove Google Ads from the applications. So let’s check out how we could do it.

    1. Root your Android Device

    The very first thing to be done is that you have to root your Android device so that, you can use the Lucky Patcher in it.

    2. Open Lucky Patcher

    Once your android device is rooted, you have to open the Lucky Patcher application. As soon as you open it, a list of all the applications in your Android smartphones will appear in front of you.

    3. Tap an App

    Now, you have to tap on the application from which you want to remove the google ads.

    4. Tap on the open menu of Patches

    Now, you have to click on the open menu of patches, and you will see a list of patches on your screen which you can apply on the respective application.

    5. Tap on Remove google ads

    Now you have to select the option saying ‘remove google ads’. And a menu will open in front of you with two different options.

    6. Tap patch to remove google ads

    Now, you have to click on the option which specifies ‘patch to remove google ads’.

    7. Apply

    Now, select the ‘Apply option. This may take a few minutes in patching the app to remove the ads.

    lucky patcher on android

    And once it is done successfully, it appears on the screen of your smartphone with the result. That’s all, and this is the way to use Lucky Patcher on Android.

    You can download the application via :

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