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    Youtube May Be Killing Your iPhone’s Battery

    It happened a few days ago, I went to bed and I did not load my iPhone since I had 95% battery, when I wake up the next day I only had 30% and my iPhone was very hot, the App responsible for this nonsense was Youtube.

    As soon as I saw that unjustified battery, I went to see what had drained the battery of my iPhone, the night before I had been watching some Youtube video and this was the application that took the palm with no less than 80% of consumption in the last 24 hours. More specifically it was the Youtube audio what had eaten the autonomy of my phone.

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    I did not capture the consumption, but it seems that the error is very frequent and other users if they have been more cautious than me, look at the excessive consumption that is being seen with the YouTube App when it is in the background.

    In addition to the rapid discharge of the battery, many users are also reporting that the iPhone overheats in an unusual way when they are watching Youtube videos or simply have the application closed, although in multitasking.

    Luckily, it seems that YouTube is aware of this problem and are already working to fix it in a future update.

    While Youtube launches the solution to this problem we recommend that once you finish using the application, the closes in the multitasking also to avoid unnecessary consumption in the background. This might let you suffer when your phone won’t have any juice and youtube app would drain it more. to be confirmed we have heard these problems form our colleagues and they have the complaint to this extent

    We would like to know if your iPhone battery drain or not in this same way, Leave your reply in the comments section below.

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