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    Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO Free and Premium

    We all want our blogs to be come on the first page of Google, but for that we need to have our blog with proper SEO optimized. So, here we have compiled the list of some of the best keyword research tools for SEO:

    Google Keyword Planer

    Google Keyword Planner, which is one of the most used Keyword Research Tool and is available at free of cost. Most of our blogger using this Free Keyword research tool for writing the SEO friendly article and blogs. All a user needs to do is to sign up for Adwords to use this tool and you just need Google Account to sign up for Google Adwords.

    Keyword Research

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    SEMRUSH keyword research tool

    Semrush is one of the best tool which is available in the market because you can actually find out of your competitor’s keywords by just entering their URL and that will show all the keywords and will also show the competitor planner as well, this tool makes your keyword research part easy and simple. This tool also provides some of the premium features which includes the, traffic stats, total search engine report, and AdSense CPC and much more!

    Keyword Research Tools

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    Keyword spy

    Keyword Spy is also one of the best tools when there is a word for keyword research. You can also view competitor keywords using this tool. This is the paid tool and it’s really not for beginners, it is mainly used for advanced people. This is a tool which is too expensive to use as the price range of this tool is $89.95 per month and $139 for a Professional account.

    SEO Tools

    To Know More Click Here. (Free) is the best tool to find long tail keywords and gives you the huge list of keywords in just one go with an ease. This is the tools which comes in both the free and premium version. This is also one which gives you best keyword suggestion. also gives you the research info like search volume, Adsense CPC and broadly related keywords.

    Keyword Tools

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    Long tail pro keyword research tool

    Long Tail pro is the tool which helps you build niche sites with proper SEO optimized. This tool is paid ones and there is an awesome feature in this tool like it analyses the competition for one particular keyword and gives you all the information. You can use this tool for a trial period of 10 days.

    Keyword Research Tools

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