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    Keep your Pixel 5a in tip-top shape with the best screen protectors


    Google Pixel 5a screen protectors
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    Now that the Pixel 5a is finally here, it’s time to make sure that the best Pixel is protected. Chances are you’ve already grabbed one of the best Pixel 5a cases, but to complete the ensemble, you’ll want to get the best Pixel 5a screen protectors. Thankfully, there are plenty of different options to choose from, and we’ve rounded up our favorites.

    Ferilinso Pixel 5a Screen Protectors Render

    The best:
    Ferilinso Screen Protectors (5-pack)

    Staff pick

    There’s more to protecting the Pixel 5a than just the big slab of glass on the front. This kit from Ferilinso includes three screen protectors for the main display, but also includes two more for the rear camera module, which have been made to avoid any type of distortion.

    $6 at Amazon

    Supershieldz Pixel 5a Screen Protectors Render

    Plastic shield:
    Supershieldz PET Clear Shield (6-pack)

    Tempered glass screen protectors aren’t for everyone, and thankfully Supershieldz makes some great PET film screen protectors. Not only do you get six of these in a single pack, but they are extremely easy to install, and they add very little bulk so you’ll likely forget it’s even there.

    Captainshld Pixel 5a Screen Protectors Render

    CaptainShld Anti-Scratch Screen Protectors (4-pack)

    This four-pack of tempered glass screen protectors from CaptainShld will keep your main screen and rear camera module safe from any scratches. They are case-friendly, feature an oleophobic coating to protect against oily fingerprints, and are ultra-thin so you aren’t adding unnecessary bulk.

    $8 at Amazon

    LK Pixel 5a Screen Protectors Render

    Just the screen:
    LK Screen Protectors (3-pack)

    Some people aren’t exactly keen on having a slab of glass over the camera module. This three-pack of screen protectors from LK is for those who just want a screen protector (and some backups) for the main display. There’s also an included installation frame so you don’t have to fiddle around with trying to line things up perfectly.

    $7 at Amazon

    Supershieldz Pixel 5a Pet Film Screen Protectors Render

    Supershieldz Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protectors (3-pack)

    This three-pack of Supersheieldz Glass Screen Protectors offers almost complete clarity without affecting the touch feedback of the Pixel 5a. Plus, Supershieldz offers a “no-hassle” lifetime replacement warranty, so you can easily get a new one after the others have met their maker.

    OMOTON Pixel 5a Screen Protectors Render

    Keep it thin:
    OMOTON High Definition Screen Protectors (5-pack)

    The problem with some screen protectors is that they simply add too much thickness to the screen. But that’s not a problem with this five-pack of tempered glass screen protectors from OMOTON, as these measure in at just 0.3mm thin.

    $10 at Amazon

    YWXTW Pixel 5a Screen Protectors Render

    Your eyes only:
    YWXTW Privacy Screen Protectors (2-pack)

    Who likes it when someone is looking over your shoulder while you’re using your phone? With the YWXTW Privacy Screen Protectors, you won’t have to worry about prying eyes. Since this is made with tempered glass, you’ll get the maximum protection. Plus, you’ll have a spare screen protector in the event that something happens to the first one.

    $10 at Amazon

    Apiker Pixel 5a Screen Protectors Render

    Simple installation:
    Apiker Easy Install Screen Protectors (4-pack)

    The only thing missing from this pack of screen protectors from Apiker are some options for the camera module. The kit includes four tempered glass screen protectors for the main screen, along with an easy-installation kit so that you can line things up perfectly. And with the 2.5D rounded edges, the screen protector will practically blend into the edges of the phone.

    $7 at Amazon

    Sucnakp Pixel 5a Case Screen Protector Render

    Everything you need:
    Sucnakp Rough Grip Case with Screen Protector

    Getting a screen protector is just one step in the process for keeping your Pixel 5a protected. And it’s likely that you’ve already picked out a case. But for those who haven’t, the Sucnakp Rough Grip Case offers a durable case along with including a tempered glass screen protector. With this, you won’t have to worry about your case and screen protector not being compatible.

    $9 at Amazon

    Get the best Pixel 5a screen protectors

    There are quite a few options available if you’re looking for the best Pixel 5a screen protectors. But our favorite is this five-pack of protectors from Ferilinso. Not only do you get three screen protectors for the main display, but you also get two more that will keep your rear camera from picking up any accidental scratches. Plus, the LED flash cutout ensures you won’t have to worry about any distortion when snapping pictures.

    While tempered glass screen protectors are great and all, they aren’t the ideal solution for everyone. That’s where Supershieldz comes in with its six-pack of PET film screen protectors. There aren’t very many screen protector options for those who don’t want tempered glass, but that’s okay because Supershieldz does such a great job. Between the high-definition film, and the increased touch-sensitivity, you probably won’t even notice that it’s there.

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