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    JTool – How To Download And Install JTool for App Inspection and Signing for Macos

    JTool – How To Download And Install JTool for App Inspection and Signing for MacOs:

    A new day and a new jailbreak, Morpheus just released the version 1.0 of JTool to the public and well this tool is very useful once you know the feature of the JTool. Now, most of you are wondering whats all about this JTool.


    JTool is an app inspector, disassembler, and signing utility for the macOS, iOS, and Linux operating systems. It is developed by Jonathan Levin, the developer behind LiberiOS jailbreak.

    Hacker Viktor Oreshkin has also contributed to its latest version with his Mach-O code.

    We have listed a few features that are all needed to know about this tool:

    • Codesigning
    • Disassembly
    • In-cache symbolication
    • Stack emulation
    • otool options
    • dyldinfo options
    • grep support

    Well, the Tool is developed for Hacks and other developers who all can intend to do a lot more research about so, if you are a user and not a developer or a HACKER you don’t need this tool.

    You can use this tool to run unsigned applications on your device as long as you are in jailbreak mode. Apart from signing, there’s not much of interest you can do with it.

    Download JTool:

    Download the Latest Version of JTool.

    How To Install JTool On Your System:

    Step 1 Extract the tar package to any location on your Mac.

    Step 2 Launch Terminal and enter JTool to utilize all its features.

    Step 3 Execute this command to get a list of all options and commands you can use.

    Step 4 You can also use any of the commands given below.

    • –sign binary
    • -d dyld
    • dyldinfo -bind /bin/ls

    That’s all there’s to it! You can now start your development and reverse-engineering work with this amazing tool.

    Source: yalujailbreak

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