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    It Will Cost $699 to Repair a Broken 12.9-Inch M1 iPad Pro Without AppleCare+


    If you damage your new 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro and don’t have AppleCare+, Apple will charge $699 to repair the broken device.

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    The fee update was added to Apple’s iPad Service and Repair chart earlier today after ‌iPad Pro‌ orders went live. At $699, it is $50 more expensive to get a repair for the new fifth-generation ‌iPad Pro‌ than it was to get a repair for the prior fourth-generation model. The extra cost is likely due to the new mini-LED display that’s exclusive to the 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌.

    The repair $699 fee only applies if you don’t have ‌AppleCare‌+. If you damage your ‌iPad Pro‌ and have an ‌AppleCare‌+ plan, the ‌AppleCare‌+ service fee is $49, with two accidental damage repairs available every 12 months.

    You also won’t need to pay a fee if there is a manufacturing issue, as problems that Apple’s fault will be covered under the standard one-year warranty. If the warranty has expired, Apple will charge the $699 fee.

    The $699 price applies to any damage to the 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌, including a broken display, and with a device as expensive as the 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌, ‌AppleCare‌+ is a good idea. Apple charges $149 for two years of ‌AppleCare‌+, or an ongoing subscription can be purchased for $7.99. ‌AppleCare‌+ used to be available for a limited amount of time, but can now be extended indefinitely with the subscription options.

    Out-of-warranty fees for the 11-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ have not changed, and it costs $499 to repair a broken 11-inch model if you don’t have ‌AppleCare‌+, or $49 with ‌AppleCare‌+.

    Apple’s new ‌M1‌ ‌iPad Pro‌ models went on sale this morning and the first new devices will be available to customers starting on May 21. The 12.9-inch model was in short supply and is now sold out until July.


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