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    This clone Of iPhone X has Android 8, Borderless Screen and Four Cameras

    The iPhone X was introduced last September 12 between a great expectation, the same that has awakened in recent weeks, knowing that for now will not reach stores until the end of this month or the beginning of the next. Enough to get a clone of the iPhone X of the most curious.

    One of the latest news we have had about the iPhone X is that its release could be delayed until the end of the year, which would certainly be a risk for Apple in the middle of the holiday season.

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    A clone of the iPhone X with four cameras

    Undoubtedly it is a clone that has aspects in its datasheet quite striking and others that disappoint. On the plus side is the screen, six inches and QHD + resolution which is not bad for a clone, it also has virtually no edges and resembles much in appearance and size or shape to the original Apple model, which is the most outstanding aspect of this clone without a doubt.

    But there are more things such as a dual camera not only behind, with sensors of 16 megapixels and 2 megapixels, but in front also has a dual camera, so in total offers up to four cameras. As you can see in the images, this Hotwav Symbol 3, which is the name of this model, has completely copied the design of the iPhone X, both front, full screen, and rear, with the dual camera in a vertical layout and a certain “belly”. But this clone of the iPhone X also has its flaws, or rather, inconsistencies.

    Because there are some aspects of the data sheet that do not fit us at all with the rest of the components. Like the quad-core processor from MediaTek, it clearly does not live up to aspects like the screen. Or the only 2GB RAM or the 16GB internal storage also seems to be somewhat inadequate. That yes, surprisingly this clone of the iPhone X comes on the market with Android 8 Oreo, which means that it has the latest version of the operating system of Google, something that does not enjoy many tops of the range currently on the market. At the moment no information is known about the price or distribution of this Hotwav Symbol 3.

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