iPhone settings you should change right now ! 2019


There are the whole bunch of iPhone settings which are there in Apple iPhone. You must know the iPhone settings you should change right now. Hence in this blog, we will be talking about the iPhone settings you should change right now.

The blog will help you to secure your Apple device and privacy by changing some iPhone settings. There are some setting which comes default in an iPhone. Hence they are supposed to change in order to save the privacy of data and make your iPhone more reliable.

iPhone Settings You Need to change right now!

We are going to talk about some of the critical settings which you should change.

1. Limit Ad Tracking

You might be seeing the whole bunch of ads while you are using your iPhone. They might be relevant but sometimes they are irrelevant too. Hence you should change the setting in order to limit the ad.

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Open Settings app → Privacy → Scroll down and tap on Advertising → turn on the switch for Limit Ad Tracking.

iPhone settings you should change right now! 2019
Limit Ad Tracking

2-Disable In-App Ratings & Reviews

Are you getting distracted by getting the popup from an application to rate them on Google play? Fortunately, there’s a way by how you can disable the popup permanently.

To do so, launch the Settings app and head over to the iTunes & App Store section. Then, turn off In-App Ratings & Reviews toggle.

Disable in App ratings and review
iPhone setting you should change right now! 2019

3- Disable Video Auto-play

When you see a preview of a video you get an idea what it’s all about. But let me tell you that seeing a preview drains your battery hence you should change this iPhone setting in order to save the battery for a long time.

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To get it done, jump into Settings app → iTunes & App Store → tap on Video Autoplay. This will also save the battery as well as Data usage.

Disable Video auto play
iPhone settings you should change right now!

4-Change Passcode to Alphanumeric

Changing the password from passcode to Alphanumeric makes your iPhone hard to unlock by intruders. The passcode can be easily crackable and hence changing it into Alphanumeric can be a great option.

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open Settings app → Face/Touch ID → hit Change Passcode. Then, enter your old passcode → tap on Passcode Options → Choose Custom Alphanumeric.

change passcode to alphanumeric
iPhone settings you should change right now!

5-Disable USB Accessories

To protect your iPhone from any kind of virus you can actually disable USB accessories. To do so head over to Settings app → Face/Touch ID & Passcode. Then be pretty sure that USB accessories are turned off. You can also update your device to the latest version in order to do so.

Disable USB accessories
iPhone settings you should change right now

These are some of the iPhone settings which you should change right now! Please share this article with your friends and family member so that they also know about the important iPhone settings.