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    The 7 iPhone apps that devour your battery (and how to avoid it)

    The battery is one of the most important elements, if not the most, between the hardware components of the iPhone and any other smartphone on the market.

    Unfortunately, the technology available today still does not make it possible for us to enjoy a battery that lasts for days or even weeks. Although this will come, until now we can only settle for prioritizing functions and loading schedules.

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    The battery consumption of the iPhone is closely related to the use we make of the smartphone, but it is also linked to the applications that we have installed on iOS.

    And is that some applications consume much more energy than others … In this article, we will talk about the 7 apps that consume more battery, and we tell you how to prevent this from happening.

    1. Mail

    The email management application of Apple consumes a lot of battery because it automatically connects every X time to the servers to send push notifications of the new emails. How to solve it?

    1. Go to Settings> Accounts and passwords.

    2. Click on the option “Get data”.

    3. Activate the “Manually” option.

    2. Google Chrome

    Chrome is an excellent choice as a web browser for iOS, however, it consumes a lot of battery … We recommend using Safari to save some battery or perform these steps:

    1. Access Settings.

    2. Enter the Google Chrome section.

    3. Activate some settings such as deactivating the update in the background or disable location services.

    3. Snapchat

    Snapchat is one of the social networks par excellence among iPhone users. And like practically all social networks, it spends battery that gives pleasure.

    1. Open Snapchat.

    2. Click on the ghost icon in the upper left corner.

    3. Click on the configuration button.

    4. Activate the trip mode in the management section.

    4. Google Maps

    To avoid consuming so much data and so much energy, we recommend using Apple maps. But if you still want to continue using Google Maps, follow these steps to save battery:

    1. Access Settings.

    2. Enter the Privacy section.

    3. Click on Location.

    4. Click on Google Maps.

    5. Activate the option “When used” or “Never”.

    5. WhatsApp

    WhatsApp is another iPhone application that consumes more batteries, without a doubt. How to make the battery last longer?

    1. Open Settings.

    2. Enter General.

    3. Access Update in the background.

    4. Disable the WhatsApp option.

    Additionally, you can disable notifications, use airplane mode or low power mode.

    6. YouTube

    If you have recently used YouTube on iOS 11, you may have noticed that the battery drain is considerable. In my case, I usually use the mobile web version of YouTube on my iPhone, I have not even installed the app. And I do not miss her!

    1. Open Safari.

    2. Go to http://www.youtube.com.

    3. Press and hold the button to update the web.

    4. Select the option “Mobile version”.

    5. Finally, save the web page in your favorites.

    7. Facebook

    Oh … Facebook! The queen of apps that consume battery! As with other applications, you can choose to disable notifications, disable their updates in the background, remove location services, use your mobile web version …

    Additionally, you can also disable the automatic playback of multimedia content.

    1. Open Facebook.

    2. Enter Settings.

    3. Tap Account settings.

    4. Access Videos and photos.

    5. Press Autoplay.

    6. Choose the option “Never play videos automatically”.

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