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    iPhone: 12 Things We’ll Learn on September 12 Apple’s Event

    We all know that the special event from Apple is coming on September 12th, 2017 where we are expecting to see the Launch of the iPhone 8 after all big rumors. Apple has always been on top for their evolving technology, whether it’s an iPhone, Mac or something else the performance and features have always been top notch.

    So with that being said, we all are looking forward to September 12th where we all are expecting some big things from Apple. Apple earlier confirmed that the Event will take place on Steve Jobs Theater and they gave invite message to all media and other partners.

    We can undoubtedly say that this event is going to be a Massive event and here are several things that we can expect to learn on September 12th.

    12 Things We’ll Learn on September 12 :

    • Home and Touch ID:

    A big question, will apple eliminate the Home button on the iPhone in order to replace its functionality with facial recognition sensors and new gesture-based controls? will it have iPad style dock or will it have integrated Facial recognition that will also work in darkness or under low light, will it have additional features and sensors? this are the question that can be answered on 12th.

    • Wireless charging?:

    Will these new iPhones be coming with wireless charging from the start? Will this be included in the product or sold as an optional accessory?

    • Battery Life:

    What will be the standard battery life? Will the high-end model feature an L-shaped battery design to maximize available power?

    • Memory:

    Will Apple introduce a new 512GB storage maximum in iPhone? If it does, will it still offer users a pathetic 5GB of free iCloud storage solely to force users to purchase additional space as a service?

    • How Fast Will Be The A11 Chip:

    The A11 chip Apple is likely to use in the next-generation iOS devices is already expected to trash every other mobile chip from any manufacturer. Just the question is how fast will it be?

    • Camera:

    It’s very unlikely Apple will decline to introduce a range of photography enhancements in these new devices. We have seen a vertically stacked dual-lens primary camera and dual-lens front-facing camera. ARKit needs a good depth of field camera.

    • Will iPhone 8 cost $1,000+?

    We’ve been speculating on iPhone 8 cost for months. Will it hit $1,000+? And what about the iPhone 7 series — will Apple upgrade these devices? If it does, what will it charge?

    • Apple Watch Series 3

    Will we see a LTE-equipped Apple Watch 3? Will it carry more onboard memory to make the device an even smarter item to have around? Did you know that around 26 percent of Apple Watch users already make calls with the device?

    • Apple Pencil for iPhone:

    Will Apple introduce stylus/Apple Pencil support for iPhones? we have seen Apple pencils on different sources before but we can expect to have it on iPhone also.

    • VR Glasses:

    Will Apple introduce the VR/AR glasses it has been developing for years? Or will it simply bid for HTC’s Vive unit?

    • Possibly Android Conversion:

    The proof of the pudding will be in the public response. The signs are good — people seem really interested and analysts predict a strong upgrade cycle. Will this drive Android settlers to upgrade to iOS? Will Apple upgrade its Move to iOS Android app to help them along?

    • 4K movie services:

    Apple has apparently chosen to invest a billion dollars in original TV content. The company is also thought to want to offer 4K movie downloads, but movie studios want it to charge more than $20/movie.

    So these were the 12 Questions that we can expect to have an answer from Apple on coming September 12th. If you got any other questions drop down in the comment section below.

    Source: Computerworld

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