iPad not Charging When Connected To PC ? Here is the Solution


The awful message “It’s not loading” usually appears when the iPad is connected to a computer via a USB, but sometimes it will show up when it connects to an iPhone charger as well, which is only 5W instead of 12W

While there are many reasons why an iPad can give this message, the most likely is that there is a power problem. Let’s analyze the causes.

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Check the iPad connector

Being a hole is very common to accumulate dirt, food debris, lint. And if the device is used by children we can find even plasticine or other niceties. The proper way to clean it is with a wooden stick, never anything metallic, and rummage gently but conscientiously.

Connected to the computer and does not charge

The most sensible thing is to try another USB port, and if there are still errors, try another cable. Many times the cables have breaks or folds that are not noticeable at first glance but that get the iPad does not load properly. If the cable is new and is not certified by Apple, we are sorry, but it will not work.


Many times it is possible to fix the error if you have the certainty that the cables and connectors are fine, turning off the iPad while pressing the start button can solve the problem.

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Well, try to use cables in good condition and if they are not original, there are many offers of cables certified by Apple at a lower price. And if you want the load to be faster, use the 12W charger of the iPad case, because the 5W of the iPhone is going to desperate you.

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