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    iOS 11 Bugs | Speaker Problem | Text Message Issue | Cant Hear Calls | Freezing Phone | App Not Downloading| Problem Solved

    This 2017 which has 2 news programs has brought us many and very good things from Apple … and others not so much. Yes, the iPhone X may be the best mobile phone ever made, but the mobile software that comes with it does not.

    In just 3 months of life iOS 11 has become a headache for users and the own firm based in Cupertino, and that even Phil Schiller has confessed that they have gone through a bad time in this regard. Fortunately, Apple has had a hard time releasing their respective patches through updates. Do we review them?

    iOS 11: the iPhone and iPad operating system with the most bugs in history

    Security bug

    Just a few days after its launch, there was a security bug that allowed security profiles to be installed that allow blocking iOS 11, something that is normally used by devs to configure network properties, mail accounts, or certificates, but in this case, it is used to infect our device with malware.

    Battery consumption

    Although it is normal that the new software consumes more battery, the one of iOS 11 was flagrant in its beginnings, mainly for the users with older terminals. To give you an idea about its predecessor, here is a graph:

    A user performed the test and the results were disappointing: the average time it took to go from 100% battery to 0% with iOS 10 with continued use was 240 minutes. With iOS 11 this time is reduced to 96 minutes. 60% less! Fortunately, Apple took action on the matter and launched the solution.

    Bug in the mail

    If you have an or Exchange account, when you installed iOS 11 you probably got an unpleasant surprise. And is that when trying to use these emails through Mail, the native app of our device, an error message appeared.

    Bug on the calculator


    One of the most innocuous and funny mistakes of iOS 11 was the mythical failure in which if you quickly entered 1 + 2 + 3 in the calculator of your iPhone or iPad, your device did not return the expected result of 6, but 24.

    Amazing! Apparently, it was a failure of the animations and was solved with this patch.

    The iPhone X does not like the cold

    Although a priori may seem a mistake in the flaming new flagship of the company of the bitten apple, Apple said that the screen of the iPhone X did not respond when there was a sharp drop in temperatures was due to a flaw in the software. What a stick for the people who had just bought it. Fortunately, in a few days, they launched the solution.

    This failure was not the only one of the iPhone X, which also suffered from an unexpected green line on its screen or the blue OLED screen of the Apple flagship .

    Infinite zoom in photos

    Another one of those errors in iOS 11 that made us laugh a lot. The cameras of the iPhone are good, so they support that we thank them to a certain extent …. But to infinity? Yes, with iOS 11 it has been possible.

    Error on the keyboard

    We continue with the harmless errors, but in some cases as annoying as thispress I and our iPhone or iPad type A. This failure caused that a whole stadium is mocked of the nth failure of iOS 11.

    Critical security bug of December 2

    Apple released the patch that solved this critical security breach on Saturday, something unprecedented in Cupertino, to prevent numerous devices from suffering crashes. Quite a mystery that Apple did not talk too much about.

    Noise in iPhone 8 calls

    The iPhone X may have covered all the covers this 2017, but the iPhone 8 has also been presented without much noise and despite its low profile (not to confuse with its cost), has not gone unnoticed for iOS 11 and its numerous failures.

    And is that iPhone 8 users complained of very strange and intermittent noise during calls? Again, it was not a hardware failure but a software one.

    Focus problems on iPhone 8 and iPhone X

    If you bought an iPhone 8 or an iPhone X, surely you already enjoy its magnificent enhanced optics. However, DxOMark positions both models among its top ten, in which the Google Pixel 2 XL holds the title of being the mobile with the best camera in history.

    Well, both terminals of Apple have suffered certain problems of self-approach, something that was solved quickly with a specific patch for it.

    Bug in iMessage

    We finished our review with a specific failure of iPhone X, that makes the screen of the flagship of Apple is almost blank by sending a single emoji in the app iMessage.

    Do we leave one?

    After this long list, which is to say that Apple has tried to solve as soon as possible, just hope that the six months that we have left with it until iOS 12 are better in this regard and that the new operating system that is to come does not give so much trouble.

    Have we left any?

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