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    Tools to Know Interesting Facts About Any Website

    Well, if anyone of you want to know some of the interesting facts about any website, then here we compiled the list of some of the portals where you can get to know easily.


    Alexa is a site which computes traffic rankings by analyzing the Web usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data which is obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources.


    Compete is a new breed of web analytic company which is powered by the largest pool of online consumer behavior data which is available in the industry, Compete.com is the only online competitive intelligence service that combines site and search analytics in one site to help you quickly master online marketing and is also one of the fastest site.


    With the help of a Statbrain.com you can find out how many visits any site has, the number of visitors a site has reached today. Statbrain uses different set of resources on the web which is combined with the methods of mathematical and statistical to estimate how many visits a website has. Statbrain estimates the number of visits that a website has based on some of the offsite factors which mainly include the backlinks, Alexa Rank, Google Analytics etc.


    Quantcast which is a new measurement website which will enables advertisers to view audience reports for millions of sites and services to build their brands with that level of confidence.

    Pingdom Tools

    Pingdom is a site which offers reliable and cost effective server network and website monitoring. You can view the list of objects either in load order or as a hierarchy. The hierarchy view allows you to see which objects are linked to in for example a CSS file. Every test always come up with a statistics about the page loading as well such as the total number of objects, total load time, and size including all objects.


    Webslug was conceived as an all encompassing way of testing site performance. It measures load time as the user sees it. The time it takes for a page to load fully from when the request was made.

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