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How To Install PUBG PC Lite For Free in 2019 (Any Country)

Install PUBG PC Lite For Free in 2019 (Any Country): PUBG-Players unknown battleground has become one of the most popular games of all time. When the mobile version came it, it took no time to reach the maximum amount of downloads on a mobile phone. From that time Tencent (Game developer) has come out with the whole bunch of new updates.

Install PUBG PC Lite For Free in 2019 (Any Country): The new map, guns were introduced in the new update. Even the vikendi map teaser was also launched on youtube before going live. Only shortcomings which this game is facing in mobile version is that not in every mobile phone this game can be played. you need some high specification to play this game including a phone having a high RAM capacity.

Install PUBG PC Lite For Free in 2019 (Any Country): Earlier it was possible to play every game on PC but nowadays the mobile version of every game is becoming famous. But there is a various problem while playing on mobile as it takes out all battery from a mobile phone. It becomes drain very quickly so it is preferred to play mobile games on PC. Let’s get started with the steps needed to install the PUBG PC lite version.

Steps To Download PUBG PC Lite version

Install PUBG PC Lite For Free in 2019 (Any Country): PUBG PC LITE is now available as Open Beta in PC but only for Thailand. And Today in this blog we will show you how to download and play this game if you are not in Thailand.

Install PUBG PC Lite For Free in 2019 (Any Country):
Install PUBG PC Lite For Free in 2019 (Any Country):
  1. Go To lite.pubg.com and Click Download the Client. Use Google Chrome so that you can translate Thai to English
  2. Now you need to apply for the ID, click on the Apply for ID on the Top Right Corner and Fill up your details. Make sure you put the correct email address here as you will get a confirmation email.
  3. Once the id is created you need a VPN software, we used NORD VPN but you can use any VPN software which allows you to connect to the THAI VPN Server.
  4. Install the Client and Open the PUBG Lite Game
  5. Login with the ID and password which you have created in Step 2.
  6. It will take some time to log in so do not close the window, Now click the Update button which is in Orange bottom Left.
  7. This will start Downloading the Game, the Size of the game is 1.9GB and you need to keep yourself connected to Thai VPN Server otherwise it won’t let you download the Game.
  8. Once Downloaded, the final step is to change the timezone of your PC to Bangkok(Thailand) Timezone.
  9. Now you can Enjoy, PUBG LITE PC version for Free on your PC.

How to fix some of the known issues

Install PUBG PC Lite For Free in 2019 (Any Country): Some of the known issues while downloading are High PING Rate, Lags, Takes a long time to connect. We will provide you with a solution to the above problem. Ping Issue can be rectified by following this trick. So what you need to do is when you are in the Lobby you can disconnect the VPN Server, the game will continue to run without the need of VPN. You will get a comparatively low ping and smooth gameplay.

I hope you like this article as it will help you to download the PUBG PC lite version with ease.


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