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    How to Install OS X macOS Sierra On PC | With Windows, Without Mac

    How to Install OS X macOS Sierra On PC | With Windows, Without Mac There is no use of MAC Computer, you will need only Windows PC. and One USB flash Drive. It’s very simple and easy. In Windows Create a Virtual Machine of macOS Like El Capitan or macOS Sierra. Then In this Download and Create macOS from Apple App Store. I have created macOS Sierra installer from Unibeast software.Then I installed Mac OS and Then Installed Windows and after then Installed Bootloader.

    How to Install OS X macOS Sierra On PC | With Windows, Without Mac

    So Hey Guys, My name is kashif and in this Post, I’m Going to Show you How you can Install Mac OS Sierra On Your Windows-based PC. Without using any MacBook or anything, in this tutorial, we will only use Windows PC.

    So Guys As you know Installing MacOS is not an easy Task.
    But I will try to explain all the queries,

    before Installing just check whether your Computer or Laptop is Compatible or not.
    Just for Note, we can install mac os on all intel based processor and
    Most of the Gigabyte motherboard are Supported, because of Ethernet, sound and Some other drivers.

    So Let’s get started,
    Download all the given files

    Download it from Here: https://goo.gl/NvtCWO
    First, we have to create Installation Media of MacOS sierra
    and You Just need at least 8gb of Pendrive to create Installation Media.
    As We don’t have any MacBook or installed MacOS installed.
    we have to create MacOS virtual machine

    So Just create a virtual machine of MacOS from VM ware

    How to Create Virtual MacOS Virtual Machine on Windows

    and Now you have Virtual MacOS

    in this download Unibeast for MacOS Sierra and Multibeast 9.1 from tonymacsx86

    Now open App Store and Download the MacOS

    MacOS size is Approx 5.9 Gb,

    It will take some time.

    So after downloading completely.

    Connect your Pendrive I will recommend you use a USB 3.0 Pendrive
    So click on search button and Type Disk Utility

    and Select your pen drive and Click on Erase and

    name it USB
    Select MacOS Journaled
    and for partition select GUID partition

    Click on Erase and your USB is ready to create mac os installation media.

    Now open uni beast and Click next and agree to the terms and conditions.

    Select Your Pendrive, select MacOS
    Now you just have to select your motherboard support
    If your motherboard is based on UEFI just select UEFI or else select legacy.
    generally, UEFI Mode is present in most of the motherboard
    My Motherboard support both UEFI and Legacy.
    I will choose UEFI because My Windows is Installed on UEFI Mode.

    now if you are using Nvidia graphics card select inject Nvidia,
    If Don’t select anything.

    Now Click on Continue and enter your password

    and it will create your installation media
    if you are using USB 3.0 it will 10-15 min.

    So as you can see the USB media creation is completed,

    Now restart your computer and go into bios by pressing delete key or by pressing your specific key

    Just optimize all the settings by pressing f7

    Go to Peripherals and Enale XHCI Option

    save and restart.

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    press f12 key to go into boot option and Now select UEFI USB pen drive in which you created MacOS Installation media

    and If you have created in legacy mode select only Pendrive name option.

    After pressing you will see Clover boot loader select USB
    Now You will see Apple Logo.
    You will get into Welcome page in few minutes

    Click on Continue

    Select Continue and Agree

    Go in utility and select Disk Utility

    And Select your Drive
    my Drive is Kinston SSD

    Click on Erase and Name it anything.

    Select format as macOS journaled

    The scheme as GUID partition.

    and Click on Erase.

    After disk erase

    Close disk utility and click on continue.

    click on the disk and install.

    it will take about 12 minutes if you are using SSD.

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    After Installation, it will restart and now again boot from USB

    Now this time we have to boot from Our Disk in which we have installed MacOS Sierra.

    Select the disk and hit enter.

    Now It will ask for some personal settings, these settings are very basic

    like language, location time and after that you will successfully get into MacOS

    Now copy all the files from other USB which you have downloaded.

    Open Multibeast and select your boot mode
    I will choose UEFI because I have installed MacOS on UEFI Mode.
    Now in Drivers select Audio Option and select Latest Voodoo Driver

    Select Latest Ethernet Driver from network then Realtek section

    Click on Customize Option and click on Graphics
    and select Inject Nvidia if you have any Nvidia Graphics card.

    Now click on Build and hit install

    Now Enter your Password.

    Open the Post Installation Folder and Open Audio Folder

    Extract Both Files.

    Run Kext Utility
    Enter your password.
    Wait for 30-40 Seconds
    Now drag the Voodoo Kext into kext utility.
    Again enter the password.

    Now Open the Nvidia Graphics Driver and Install it.
    After That
    Open EFI Mounter and mount EFI

    Now open the EFI folder and go into clover and Edit it with Text Editor.

    Now Scroll Down and Open paste this Code into this Line.

    Save it and Close all the things.

    Eject the Pen drive Also.

    We are done with Post Installation

    Restart the Macs

    Congratulations We have Installed macOS Sierra successfully.

    As you can see all the things are installed perfectly.

    Internet Microphone and Sound are also working fine.

    Even Siri is Also Working.

    If you are YouTuber or want to explore macOS Just Install the MACOS Sierra.

    For you-tuber You will get Best Video Editing Software Which is Final Cut Pro.

    If you want to Dual boot with windows
    So, Just Install Windows in Another Disk and As UEFI Or legacy Mode.
    and You have Windows and macOS on a PC.

    If you want a video from my side to make a video on dual boot windows and macOS.
    Just Like this video and Comment down below.

    I will make another tutorial on this topic.

    So, Guys, we have Successfully installed macOS Sierra on PC Without any Use of Mac or MacBook.

    If you have any type of Queries, or you are getting any type of problem

    Simply comment down below, I will Answer as soon as possible.

    Like this video If this video Helped you.

    Comment down below Why you want to Install MacOS on You PC.

    Thanks for Watching and I will Catch you in the Next One.

    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
    Hey Guys Its Kashif, Founder of Tech Fire. I spend most of my free time creating content for my YouTube channel and this website. I started my YouTube channel at age 15 and my goal was to teach people what they can do with their gadgets.


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