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    Install Icy Installer 3 (Cydia alternative) | How to Install Icy Package Installer on iPhone

    Icy Package Installer | Install Icy Installer 3 | Cydia Alternative | Install Icy Installer 3

    After 8 Years Icy Package Installer (Cydia Alternative) has come back and We will show you how can you Install Icy Installer 3 on your iPhone (iOS 7-iOS10)

    Icy Installer 3 (Cydia alternative)

    Icy Installer 3 is Developed by ArtikusHG and It is a DPKG-based package manager for iOS Operating System. its ability to load packages at lightning-fast speeds. It is very lightweight App if we compare to Cydia.

    For the uninitiated, version 3 is a complete rewrite of the legacy Icy Package Installer for iPhone OS 2.0. It was originally developed by RiPDev.

    Many Developers tried on this Icy Installer 3 but no one succeeds

    Since this new installer looks promising, I decided to take it for a test drive on my iPad mini on iOS 9.3.5.

    WHICH VERSIONS DOES IT SUPPORT TO Install Icy Installer 3?       

    As of now, Icy Installer 3 works only up till iOS 10.3.3 beginning from iOS 7 (legacy firmware). You can use it on any of the following iOS versions.

    • iOS 7-7.1.2
    • iOS 8-8.4.1
    • iOS 9-9.3.5
    • iOS 10-10.3.3
    • iOS 11-11.1.2 (incompatible)

    Apart from that, only 64-bit devices are supported at the moment because the developer used iOS 11 SDK.

    How to Download and Install Icy Package Installer ON IPHONE, IPAD, AND IPOD

    Step 1 Launch Cydia.

    Step 2 Go to Sources and tap Edit > Add.

    Step 3 Add the URL of Artikus’ Cydia repository –

    Cydia Alternative
    Cydia Alternative

    Step 4 Search for Icy and install the following package on your device.

    Install Icy Installer 3
    Install Icy Installer 3

    Step 5 You can now open it from your home screen. It crashed on my iPad because it’s not a 64-bit model.

    Icy Package Installer
    Icy Package Installer

    As is evident, you should use it only for testing purposes. It’s still in early development stages and only allows manual Debian package installation.


    • According to Artikus, it crashes on Electra jailbreak (iOS 11-11.1.2) firmware. He doesn’t have any test devices running iOS 11, which will definitely delay a full-blown release for iOS 11. The next step would be to make it compatible with the latest iOS operating system.
    • The developer also intends to roll out bug fixes as soon as possible.
    • Improvements to the GUI.
    • Adding support for 32-bit Apple devices.
    • Add support for third-party Cydia repositories.


    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
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