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    How To download And Install Android Oreo 8.0 On OnePlus 5T in 2018

    Just a couple of days ago we knew that the beta of Android 8 for the OnePlus 5Twas very close, so much that there were only a few days to enjoy it. Well, we just learned that this beta 1 with the latest version of the operating system is now available for those who choose to try the beta version.

    The innovations that are on the way to the OnePlus 5T thanks to the software updates are the juiciest. There is more to see that a new interface for OxygenOS is expected to be able to replace the virtual bonuses with gestures, in the purest style of how the iPhone X does it.

    You can now download

    The OnePlus 5T was the only mobile in the range of the Chinese firm in the period of updates that did not yet have Android 8, which yes enjoyed so far in stable version both the OnePlus 3 and 3T as the OnePlus 5 with Oreo gapps. Well, if it is still not the final and stable version of the software, we are facing Android 8 Open beta 1, which is what the Asian firm has called it.

    As you can imagine when it comes to a beta, we will not receive it through OTA, so it has to be downloaded and installed manually, although it is very simple.

    Before we go to know the novelties that this beta offers:

    • Update to Android O (8.0)
    • Optimized shortcuts to applications
    • Combination of icon options with application shortcuts
    • Now you can upload photos to Shot in OnePlus
    • New Picture in Picture mode
    • Added Auto-Fill
    • Added smart text selection
    • New design of quick settings
    • December security patch

    Download and install Android 8 on the OnePlus 5T

    Those who are already used to this type of operation will not find the slightest difficulty because it is a process that is repeated on almost all mobile phones.

    1. Back up all system data, they will be lost during installation
    2. Download Android 8 Open beta 1 for the OnePlus 5T
    3. Copy the file to the internal memory of OnePlus 5T
    4. Restart the OnePlus 5T in recovery mode (to do this, press the power button and volume down at the same time for several seconds)
    5. Inside the recovery mode, we do a factory reset (at this time all the data will be lost)
    6. We select “install from local”
    7. And we select the ROM that we have downloaded in the second point on the chosen route
    8. The OnePlus 5T will restart and you can enjoy Android 8 on its first beta

    Source> The Android Soul

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