How to Enable Instagram Emoji Shortcut Bar

Enable Instagram Emoji Shortcut Bar: Instagram has been a sensation in social media platform. Instagram keeps on coming with various updates making your life easier. From solving bug issues to improving the user interface the journey of Instagram has been quite impeccable.
In this article, we will be talking about a special update which gives you a shortcut bar for emoji which you can use to comment on any post.
In this update, you don’t have to open a particular post to comment anything. You can easily do it with the help of shortcut which Instagram is providing. Let’s get started.
instagram emoji shortcut
instagram emoji shortcut


Enable Instagram Emoji Shortcut Bar: If you have been too lazy to comment on any post and you have just scrolled without giving any reaction. This is the time where Instagram lets you leave your reaction through emoji with the new feature.
In this update, you don’t have to open your emoji through your keyboard. You can easily do it with the help of emoji shortcut. This function is not available for your post.
You can only have this feature when you are viewing another user post.
instagram emoji shortcut
instagram emoji shortcut
This photo Sharing social media platform keeps track of your past emojis used and it displays that emoji in front of You.

Why emoji shortcut bar is useful.

Enable Instagram Emoji Shortcut Bar: The trend is the most important thing in today’s world. Moreover, if we are talking about social media then it should be considered.
Past researches have shown that people use emojis more to comment on any post. Hence keeping in mind Instagram introduced this new feature.

How to use Instagram emoji shortcut bar

Enable Instagram Emoji Shortcut Bar: We have been talking about what is Instagram emoji shortcut bar. Now let’s talk about how to implement this feature so that it can be helpful for you. What follows below is just what you want to know.
Step 1- First of all go to update section to see whether your app is up to date or not.
Step 2- Once you are done with the updating part. Open the app.
instagram emoji shortcut
instagram emoji shortcut
Step 3- Open Instagram and go to someone post.
Step 4-Open the comment tab of the post.
You will get a list of emoji displayed on top of the shortcut bar.
Step 5- Select post to leave your reaction right there.
instagram emoji shortcut
instagram emoji shortcut
Phew! That’s all about this new special update. We will keep on featuring and discussing various update about all social media platform.
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