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    Indian Unicode: How To Crash Anyone’s iPhone, iwatch or Mac with Unicode Hack

    Indian Unicode: How To Crash Anyone’s iPhone, iwatch or Mac with Unicode Hack:

    Hacking or Crashing anyone’s iPhone with just a simple code is like so awesome, there have been so much of tweaks and jailbreaks of iOS and for mac. There is a new Hack arising by which you can crash anyone’s iPhone. Now you would be very much curious to know how?

    A new Unicode symbol bug named as Indian Unicode that plagues all devices running Apple’s operating systems.

    The new Unicode bug crashes iOS devices whenever you try to open any message containing the Indian symbol “జ్ఞ‌ా”.

    Apart from iPhones and iPads, Mac computers and Apple Watch are also affected.

    Whenever text renderers such as TextField, Label, or TextView try to render this Unicode symbol, the entire system crashes.

    If your device reboots all the way to lock-screen and you don’t have a way to go through than your device has “crash loop” just like it gets stuck on a boot loop or a respring loop.


    The Bug of Crashing is compatible with on all iOS 11-iOS 11.2.5 versions. Moreover, iOS 10 versions up till iOS 10.3.3 also came under the ambit.

    How To Crash Anyone’s iPhone:

    With this latest bug/trick, you can easily stun your friends by pranking them but crashing their iOS-based device or Mac. You can also Download its XCode playground for testing purposes from this link. Open it in XCode or Atom text editor once you download it.

    Follow The Steps:

    • Send the “జ్ఞ‌ా” symbol to anyone. For example, you could try sending a Twitter DM to the target user.
    • The target user then opens the notification.
    • iOS tries to render the buggy Unicode symbol and crashes.
    • The target device boots back to the lock screen.
    • Whenever the user tries to unlock his iPhone, it will try to read the notification and crash again.

    Fix Indian Unicode Issue On Devices:

    well, if you apply this bug to someone’s iPhone then you need to fix it also so here’s how you guys can fix this issue:

    • Open Camera and take a photo.
    • View the photo you just took from the bottom-left corner.
    • Press the All Photos button present in the top-right corner in the camera roll.
    • It will then ask you to key in your passcode. Type your 6-digit passcode.
    • Switch to Settings.
    • Turn off notifications for Twitter or your Twitter client.

    Hope this full article was a big help for you guys, now you can prank someone using this trick and also even fix that.

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    Source: yalujailbreak


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