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    Rummy Tips to Win KhelPlay Rummy India

    Good Players Pass, Bad Players Hold on To the Bad Hand

    Train yourself to be a good rummy player. Understand the nuances of the game. Master the tricks and tactics required to win the game. Know when you should quit and know how you should play. Each of these aspects decide your success rate in the game of rummy. It is true that winning is important but giving up on time can be equally important. Giving up early is cowardice but never giving up a losing hand is total foolishness. If you wish to develop into a master rummy player, there are some simple things you must hold clear in your mind:

    khelplay rummy

    Plan Before You Play Your Move

    In a rummy card game, each player’s move decides his destiny. A good player knows this and is thus alert with his moves. He knows that his first goal should be to make a life. After this, he must try and get rid of all the high pointer cards. He should also know that good players make the best of their jokers.

    Never Let Others Guess It Right

    The cards you dispose always give the next player a hint of the cards in your hand. That is the reason why you must not give hints like this in a game of Indian Rummy. You must either avoid disposing cards till the life is formed or you must confuse the opposite player by disposing misleading cards at intervals. Strategies matter most in card games like rummy so make sure you plan your game wisely.

    Don’t Hesitate to Quit Early

    If you have been playing a round of rummy for a while and see no chance of getting the right cards to complete the meld, you must quit. It is true that passing at the very beginning would save you more points but it is really never too late. Since you know that the chances of winning are bleak, you must quit before you actually lose the game and 100 points.

    Learn with Each Failure

    It is truly said that failures are stepping stones to success. With each failure, you learn some lessons that help you play better the next time. When you have lost a full hand just because you didn’t quit in time, the lesson to keep in mind is simple. Quit when you have a chance to or you will end up with a full hand and someone else will cash on your slow decisions.

    game of rummy

    If you want to furnish your rummy playing skills before trying your chances with friends, you can try another way. You can simply make a player account on Khelplay Rummy to play rummy online. This will give you an opportunity to play the game with complete strangers and understand how you fare in the game. Once you are sure of yourself and your gaming skills, call your friends home for a good rummy party.

    Practice makes one perfect in the game of rummy and also teaches one new skill in organising and planning. So, it is never too late to learn to give up on time.

    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
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