Increase Your Traffic With These Highly Engaging Video Formats That Have Taken The Digital Space By Storm


With brands competing on digital mediums to get their audience’s attention, the most important thing that all of them follow is the way they present themselves. They all have to make sure that their content is top of the game and results in a lot of engagement and traction from their audiences.

This is necessary to survive the ongoing cut-throat competition, and you, too, can do some great digital work for your brand by looking at some of the video formats below and trying them out. Having monotonous content on your website will drive away audiences. 

Use the following tips and spice up your digital game. 

1. Slideshow of montages

Sometimes, having a video compiled in the form of a slideshow can be very impactful. These slideshows can either be different images or short videos that you use to shoot a large number of people. They can either talk about your product and give them one-line reviews or simply share their experience as being your customer.

This slideshow montage can also be a great way to actually advertise your product and services. Just list them out on different slides and compile them together. 

This will create a very engaging video that is also short and concise at the same time. The duration of the video can be around one or two minutes, and it has to be as short as possible.

When you want to create videos of this kind, it is always recommended to use a quick and easy video editing website like InVideo that one of the best slideshow makers out there just for your convenience. 

2. Animated videos

These are some of the most engaging videos ever. If you can get in touch with a 2D animator for a period of time, use it to the fullest and make some really interactive animated videos.

The common perception that comes with this is that animated videos are kiddish or immature, but that is far from true. You can make an interactive animated video that will showcase a range of your offers and services and give it a fun animated twist. 

You don’t even necessarily have to include any animated figures. Just some fun colors, text, and music will do the trick and spice up your website. 

3. Participative videos

These videos can be the ones that invite participation from your audience. Give them a fun challenge to do, ask them to tag you, and then introduce a winner program. Whoever wins can receive a gift or a special shoutout.

These videos are best made if you can get in touch with an influencer to market these tasks given by you. This will also help you reach out to their audience, which might be an untapped market for you. 

It also increases engagement with your current audience as you give them activities to do and introduce incentives. This will lead to more people discovering your page and brand and looking at you in a different light. 

4. Videos without dialogue

Sometimes, images and sound can do what words can’t. Try making a whole video based on text and without any voiceover. This can be done only when your video isn’t very text-heavy with not more than one or two lines per slide.

Remember, in the end, the video is a visual medium, so people wouldn’t like reading a lot of text-heavy content. Instead, use the medium to focus more on the background score and make that more impactful. 

Also, make sure the visual content that you use for a video like this is highly engaging. The images that have been taken need to be as good as possible, and they should be able to give away your message well. 

This format works very well if the above points are taken care of and could even be cost-effective for some brands.

5. Informational videos

Informational videos are the type of videos where you can include the actual information regarding your brand, products, aims, missions, goals, etc. Basically, all the technical jargon goes in here. This video can be aimed towards people who are trying to know something about your company.

These could include your clients, people who want to work with you or for you, or people who just want to know more about you. These videos will interest them. They will become a one-stop content for them to know all the basics about you.

In the end, you can also put in a slide of your contact details and other links to more detailed information so that if these people are interested further, they can do some more research. 

6. Content for entertainment

These videos can be extremely random and include any type of entertaining content that is related to your product in any way. The main purpose for creating this content is to get as much audience traction as you can. Putting out content that is topical and trending and connecting with the theme of your product or brand will attract a large audience.

Because of the nature of this video, it has to be made very creatively and artistically. It has to be in touch with the trends and the current ongoing aesthetic on various digital mediums. Try collaborating with other digital creators online who will help make your content more engaging and interactive. 

7. Fun facts about the company

This is more of a personal video that can help people know you better. If you are a famous brand, you can try doing this video where you introduce your audience to the people who are actually behind the great work that they see on a daily basis. 

Getting to know the people behind the scenes might be something your fan base will be interested in. Making this video is relatively easy since you can ask those employees to shoot a short video of themselves and then compile it. This insider insight that your audience will get from the video will make the content very engaging.


All the above methods have been tried and tested by the best of brands with some of the most huge fan followings. They have used this type of content to market themselves and succeeded immensely. 

Many of these brands use easy to operate websites where they can edit videos quickly and upload them while getting in line with the latest trends. You, too, can use a great YouTube movie maker to facilitate the growing need of this digital generation to be fast and topical.