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    How To Identify Any Playing Song on a Mac with Siri

    We all love music and we can say music is life. The influence of music on everyone’s life is huge. Sometimes it happens that we are watching a movie or a video or sitting at a cafe and there’s a song playing and you naturally loved it and want to get that on your playlist but you don’t know the name of the song. Now that’s a problem.

    If you are a Mac user, your computer can recognize what songs are playing by using Siri. This is essentially the feature that also works to identify what song is playing by using iPhone or iPad, but it’s on the Mac and allows for identifying songs playing from the same hardware.

    This will require your Mac with the latest version of MacOS installed so that it has got the SIRI built-in feature and also you will need a working microphone post from where the Siri will take the audio.

    Recognize Songs and Music Playing on a Mac with Siri:

    • Either play a song or wait for a song to be playing anywhere around
    • Click on the Siri button in the upper right corner of the Mac

    • Ask Siri “what song is playing”, Siri will listen for a moment and then respond with the song if identified

    • When Siri identifies a song on the Mac, iTunes will also open automatically, but often do nothing

    This Feature works great to identify any playing songs or music when watching a show or movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or even something you hear in a YouTube video, elsewhere on the web, or on Facebook or Instagram.

    After SIRI has perfectly identified the song, iTunes automatically opens just as a recommendation for downloading the song from iTunes. It will be your choice you can download from iTunes or from any other Third-Party ways.

    Well, this was the way by which you can easily know any songs that are playing somewhere around. Siri has many other interesting features too to know more about Siri tricks stay tuned with us and we will be showing you guys the best of best Siri tricks.

    Source and Image Credit: osxdaily

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