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    The 31 Best Whatsapp Tricks That You Should Know

    It’s no secret that WhatsApp is by no means the best messaging application for our mobile phones. There are quite a few apps of this style that come to beat your needs in features. But one thing is certain, WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in the world.

    Luckily for us and for the future of this application, with each update released WhatsApp adds new changes and functions, which on many occasions we do not even realize that they are there. This also happens with many of the more useful features that the app incorporates.

    WhatsApp Cheats You Surely Did not Know

    Record voice notes without keeping the screen pressed

    It is an alternative that launches Whatsapp to send long voice notes (up to 15 minutes in length) without having to keep pressing the record button on the screen.

    • First press the attach icon and then select “Audio”
    • You will see a new option called “Burn with WhatsApp” press there.
    • In the new window press again to record and you can start talking without holding down the button.
    • When you finish click on “Stop” and then on “send”.

    Free space in Whatsapp

    Now Whatsapp brings a function into the settings called “Data and Storage”. Within this session, it is possible to see the use of Storing the messages by contact, which are organized from larger to smaller size.

    If you click on any contact in this list, you can see in detail a number of text messages, audio images, documents and more. To empty this chat, just click on “Manage messages” and then on “Empty”.

    Read and write in hidden mode

    If you do not want to remove the double blue check from your Whatsapp but would like to read the conversations first before you mark it as reading and without being “online” with the app … .. you can see the chats as if it were WhatsApp but independently.

    This app checks the notifications and puts the conversations in order of arrival, is a clone of WhatsApp only that is used to read the conversations without being online or showing that it was read.

    [appbox googleplay com.noline.whatsapp]

    Text Status

    Now Whatsapp allows for all to create status in text as we do on Facebook or Instagram.

    1. Once the application is updated, click the pencil button on the publish a status button.
    2. Write the text and customize it to your liking with Emojis, font styles, and Color.
    3. By clicking the emojis icon you can add several emojis to the text. Pressing the T icon allows you to change the font and finally, the color icon changes the color as you click on the icon.

    Delete messages before being read

    If you sent a message to another person by mistake or you want to correct the writing, Whatsapp now allows you to delete messages before your recipient reads them. It is important to know that you and the recipient should have the latest version of WhatsApp and that in the conversation ” message overwritten ” appears as a notification.

    Like: When you want to delete a sent message click on the message and then select ” Cancel“.

    Delete WhatsApp messages before being read

    This new feature to delete WhatsApp messages before they are read is not only applicable for text, but also for voice notes, Gifs, images, videos and locations. That’s yes to our contact you will get the message “canceled this message”. An interesting option is to be able to delete messages from the other contact.

    Note: In order to have this new function, you and the receiver must have updated to the latest version of WhatsApp (2.17.184 beta). 

    Leave fixed a chat at Top

    Now WhatsApp allows you to select one or more conversations so that they always appear at the top of the chat. If you have many chats open but you want to keep your best friend @ family member on top, follow these steps:

    1. Select one or more conversations
    2. Click the Set icon.

    Note: To delete a chat, repeat the same steps.

    How to use the new WhatsApp Status

    These WhatsApp status updates will expire after 24 hours and your contacts will be able to respond to your posts. You can add drawings, texts, and emoji to videos and photos as in Snapchat or Instagram Stories.

    To create these new “status updates”, there will be a tab called “status”, where you can create your own or see others. Press the (+) button to take a photo or video or import from the gallery.

    Who can see my states in WhatsApp

    Once the status is created, you can choose these three options:

    • My Contacts
    • My contacts except …
    • Share with …

    Send Blank Messages

    Send blank messages to your WhatsApp contacts. They will receive the notification but no message. Follow these steps:

    • Download the Empty for Whatsapp app
    • Press the Send button
    • Select the contact
    • And click send

    Creating False Conversations in WhatsApp

    Deceive a friend by showing him a fake conversion that you can create with the Chat Simulator application. Once installed you only have to press 1. new text message – 2. Create a false contact (Name, Phone number and profile photo) – 3. Enter the conversion of the missing contact and start responding and auto-responding.

    [appbox googleplay com.hard2bit.apps.chatsim]


    • Change status: Online or typing
    • Create fake groups
    • Choose message status (Read, unread, etc.)
    • Create future messages
    • Real Notifications
    • Supports emoticons

    Optimize and Accelerate Slow WhatsApp

    [appbox googleplay appid=vAlmaraz.miniApp.WCleaner]

    WCleaner for WA removes images, Gifs, videos, voice and audio messages sent to you by WhatsApp. This way you free up space in your mobile trash and accelerate WhatsApp pace to load faster. A very useful application to clean certain junk files or whatever they have sent you.

    Sending Automatic or Scheduled Messages on WhatsApp

    [appbox googleplay com.seebye.whatsapp.scheduler]

    First I want you to know that this application requires being the Root user. To program a message with the Seebye Scheduler application you only have to

    1. press the (+) – button

    2. Select the message type (text, image, audio) –

    3. Write the message –

    4. Select the WhatsApp contact –

    5. Select the date and time of sending –

    6. Click on Add.

    Note: For those who do not have Rooted mobile, install the Scheduler for WhatsApp app. However, it is not as good as the previous one since it is semi-automatic.

    Enable Two-Step Verification

    This new security feature called 2-step verification consists of setting a 6-digit code that you have to store in a safe place or memorize the number. This way when you enter your WhatsApp on another mobile you have to enter the code so that it can be linked to that device.

    How I do it:

    • Enter the WhatsApp – Account – 2-Step Verification setting. Press to activate and enter a code of 6 numbers.
    • Add an email (In case you forget the code, you can retrieve the account via email). Press Ok and that’s it.

    How to make a video call by WhatsApp

    Open the conversation of the contact with whom you want to make the video call. Click the call button (it has a phone style) that is at the top right of the name. Now choose the video call option

    Note: From the Calls tab in WhatsApp, you can also make video calls … There you will have the call history and if one of them is a video call, you can click on the icon to start the video call again.

    Mention someone in a WhatsApp group

    This function will be useful when you want to ask a question for example or appoint someone from the group in your message.

    To mention someone in a WhatsApp group you just have to type at (@) and the application will immediately show us a list of all the members of the group. Select the person and write the message. It’s that simple

    Add stickers and draw in Photos and Videos

    Now that drawing in videos and photos is fashionable, WhatsApp does not want to lose this trend and has decided to update its application (Beta Program) with the possibility of adding text, emojis, draw with the colors you want in your photography and videos that just take to send in the messages  as we do in Snapchat.

    All you have to do is open the Application, start recording or take pictures and then press any of the 3 options to add text, stickers or draw.

    How to send GIFs by Whatsapp – Official

    Sending Gifs is one of the most requested features that is now available to everyone. You can send Gifs from the gallery or by recording a video and then the application converts it to a Gif file. Here are the steps:

    1. Find the contact or open the conversation where you want to send the gif.
    2. Select Attach and choose Camera.
    3. Press the video option and start recording with your mobile
    4. When you finish you will go to a session where you can trim the video (6 seconds) and then send it.

    Leave a voice message if you do not answer your call

    If you are calling one of your contacts, but you do not answer or you have refused, call her. Now WhatsApp allows you to record a voice message if no one answers your call.

    To record the voice message, just hold down the new button on the right side of the screen and release it when you finish talking to be sent.

    How to Automatically Remove Photos Trash from WhatsApp

    Magin Cleaner of WhatsApp is an Android application that takes advantage of learning neural networks. The idea behind this application is that you delete photos you have received from WhatsApp and then determine which ones are useful.

    This type of application is ideal for those who have large chat groups and share many memes.

    Memes and screenshots are classified as erasable images, and so the Apps will mark them for deletion, but ultimately, users have the option to choose which photos they want to be deleted, and which ones do not.

    [appbox googleplay com.siftr.whatsappcleaner]

    Save WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos Automatically

    we receive photos of friends, pictures of some subject or funny that we receive attached with our messages. This makes our Android phone occupy more space with these photos and videos and as we do not want to lose or delete them it is best to create a copy or save them in the cloud.

    My recommendation is to use Google Photos because it allows us to save photos unlimited regardless of size or quantity.

    Send WhatsApp messages with bold and italic (Official)

    Send Messages with Text Format: italic and bold in WhatsApp in a very simple way:

    • How to write bold in WhatsApp: * word *
    •  How to write in cursive in WhatsApp: _line_

    The only thing you need to have this version is to be part of the beta users of Google Play in this link, Update the application and that’s it. 

    Submit Documents by WhatsApp

    Send your friends or co-worker any office PDF documents such as .doc and PowerPoint presentations .ppt.

    Discover Hidden Font in WhatsApp

    Surprise your WhatsApp friends by sending personalized font messages to your contacts. This font or font is hidden for, but these steps will have access to it

    Prevent WhatsApp from sharing your data with Facebook

    A new WhatsApp update allows Facebook access to all your WhatsApp profile information, including your phone number. If you want to avoid this situation, you only have 30 days to do so:

    If you have already accepted the updated service conditions for WhatsApp, go to Settings, then to account. Click on a box labeled “Sharing My Account Information.” Simply turn it off, and you’re done.

    Install WhatsApp on PC in Windows 10, 8.1, 7 or Mac

    Download The Best Emulator for PC & Mac: Download Nox Here

    How to convert WhatsApp into an app for PC or Mac

    It is a great idea if, for example, you use your computer a lot to work or study tasks. With this App, you will not have to search between tabs of Chrome or unlock the mobile every time to answer or send messages by WhatsApp.

    This trick works with Google Chrome, but if you want you can download the versions for PC and Mac from the official website of WhatsApp

    Always appear online at WhatsApp

    This is a surprising trick to fool your friends by appearing online forever without being. This trick works on Android Apps WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Just follow these steps:

    1. Make sure you have the option to show your last connection turned on.
    2. Go to your mobile settings – Select screen – Screen timeout.
    3. Then select the “Never” option.
    4. Now the mobile screen will never go to sleep unless the lock button is pressed.
    5. Now switch to the data network or Wi-Fi network.
    6. Now open your WhatsApp or Messenger on your Android phone.
    7. Your screen remains on, so your “Last Appearance” will also stay online.

    Now if you find the somewhat confusing steps, I have the second option is to download an application that always keeps the screen active when using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

    [appbox googleplay com.synetics.stay.alive]

    Have two WhatsApp accounts on Android

    This may be the best trick you can find for an Android phone without so many complications. The only thing you have is to download an application, select WhatsApp and by magic, a new icon appears to have another WhatsApp.

    [appbox googleplay com.lbe.parallel.intl]


    How to have a different Notification Tone and Vibration

    With our mobile we receive a lot of notifications in the day of all type: Email, social networks, messages, calls, etc. and many times we have the same tone and vibration for some applications. But I want to show you how to create a custom one so that when this vibrator mode alone you can know it is a WhatsApp message.

    [appbox googleplay com.rageconsulting.android.lightflowlite]

    Read WhatsApp Messages Without Appearing Online

    Hide the double WhatsApp blue check when you read a message, listen to a voice note or see a picture. It is not necessary to be a root user or something similar. you just have to install an application where the notifications arrive to read and only when you open WhatsApp to respond is when it is changed to read.

    [appbox googleplay com.hidereadforwhatsapp.lite]

    I am a college student, I am very much passionate about technology, gadgets and much more. I always wanted to open my own blog on tech and so I opened AndroCentral, my hobbies are listening to music and playing games.


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