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    How to Unlock Your Mac with iPhone or Apple Watch

    There aren’t a lot of apps people use regularly on Apple Watch. The ones that they do use regularly consist of utilities that make life easier or apps that help track things, like water intake or how many tasks they have left for the day. One of the favorites utilizes of many people is MacID, which offers even faster access way to unlock mac with an Apple watch or an iPhone.

    Is it a huge deal to type in a password to log into Mac? No. But getting a tap on the wrist the minute we wake it up is not only convenient but excellent. All you have to do is just tap unlock, and you’re done. You can also remotely lock Mac as long as I’m within range, which you might found useful a few times when you stepping away from a table at a cafe for a second(just an example) — or when someone else needs to use your computer (And you don’t feel like getting off the couch, ha). The second they wake it up, You will get a gentle tap requesting to unlock it.

    All you need are two things, the MacID app for iOS, and it’s free counterpart for each Mac you want to open.

    How to unlock your Mac with an iPhone or Apple Watch

    • Download and install MacID on your Macs (the link is listed above).
    • Once you have it installed and have opened it, launch MacID on your iPhone or iPad and follow the instructions (you’ll have to enter the passwords to all your Macs for the initial setup – you only have to do this once, unless of course, you change your Mac’s password, then you’ll need to re-enter it).
    • To unlock your Mac with an iPhone or Apple Watch, naturally, wake up your Mac and your Apple Watch or iPhone should instantly ask you to issue the unlock.
    • To lock your Mac remotely, just launch the MacID app from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch and choose the Mac an option you’d like. You can even wake it up and unlock it remotely (as long as it isn’t fully asleep or closed if you’re using a Mac laptop).

    Aside from being able to lock, unlock, and wake your Mac remotely, MacID also lets you play music from your iTunes library right from your Apple Watch or iPhone. Many people don’t use this feature very often but I’m sure there are lots of people out there that would. You can also ping clipboard contents from one device to another using MacID. While many uses Copied for clipboard management, if your needs are basic, MacID should suit you just fine.

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    MacID also supports URL schemes so you can use it in conjunction with apps like Launch Center Pro to create quick actions. For example, you can run an action in Launch Center Pro to instantly wake your Mac, or unlock it.

    Many people have tried a couple different options for unlocking Mac with an iPhone or Apple Watch and I’ve found MacID to be the most versatile and reliable. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

    And if you using something different, let us know what and why in the comments!

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