How to stop Facebook from tracking you

How to stop Facebook from tracking you
How to stop Facebook from tracking you

Facebook is in a lot of problems right now. With lax policies that have resulted in the data of over 50 million Facebook users being compromised, allowing Russians to influence the presidential election, and strategic partnerships in place to spy on your online activities, it’s no surprise that the company’s stock has dropped by nearly $50 billion in the last week. We all know Facebook Tracks us in many ways. Here is How to stop Facebook from tracking you.

Make no mistake: Facebook is in the midst of a full-fledged crisis, and users are terrified—not because of the company’s plummeting price, but because of the implications for their online privacy.

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4 Ways to Protect yourself so that Facebook can’t track you.

  1. Reset Advertising identifier.

Go to Mobile settings > Google > Ads > Reset advertising Identifier.

2. Limit ad personalization.

Go to Mobile Settings > Google > Ads > Opt Out of Personalized Advertising.

3. Review Permissions.

Check apps asking for extra permissions and deny them the access.

4. Use more Secure Browser.

Use Brave browser to surf & DuckDuckGo to search.