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    How to Rip DVD Best and Free: Handbrake or WinX DVD Ripper

    Ripping a DVD can be very beneficial to you as it will help you to access the file from any device. There is the whole bunch of DVD Rippers which is available on the internet but there are only few who stands out and are best from the rest.

    We are talking about WinX DVD Ripper which can rip your DVD or ISO image to your selected format. It is one of the best DVD ripper software which lets you easily backup, archiving, editing and sharing. You can convert the ISO image or DVD to MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, MPEG, H.264, MP3 and more, and backup DVD to NAS/Plex Media Server for streaming. What’s more, you can easily view it on any of your selected devices easily.

    In this blog, we will be talking about how you can rip your DVD to MP4 with the help of Winx DVD Ripper and Handbrake. We will be also talking about why you should choose WinX DVD Ripper over Handbrake.

    Why Rip a DVD?

    You might be thinking that if there is DVD then what’s the need to rip it and going through the extra process. You might be right about this but let me tell you from time to time the DVD quality becomes less. You cannot compensate for the quality of a file while watching a movie. That’s one of the reasons why you need to rip a DVD.

    Second most, after ripping you can easily watch the video on any of your selected devices very easily. You can have access to the file on iTunes, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Xbox, PSP, etc.

    Now as you have known about the necessity of ripping a DVD file below is the steps on how you can rip a DVD file with the help of WinX DVD and subsequently Handbrake.

    How to rip a DVD with WinX DVD Ripper

    To Rip a DVD, you just need WinX DVD Ripper along with a computer system having DVD Drive. Insert the DVD inside the Drive and follow the below steps.

    To download the software WinX DVD Ripper head towards this link- [free] DVD ripper

    You will see the below homepage-

    winx dvd ripper

    After inserting the Disk into the DVD drive Follow the below step.

    Step 1. Select the Disc option in the top left. (You can also load ISO images and DVD video folder)

    dvd ripper

    Step 2. Select an output profile you want to create, like MP4, ISO image, iPhone, iTunes, Huawei, etc.

    Step 3. Simply hit the Run icon and you’ll be up and ripping.

    Select Use High-Quality Engine or Deinterlacing for the highest quality if you want to run everything at maximum hardware potential for the quickest result, enable CPU Core Use or the Hardware Accelerator box.

    How to rip a DVD with Handbrake

    Download the Handbrake software from here-Handbrake

    Unfortunately, Handbrake can’t bypass the copyright protection on commercial disks. that’s one of the limitations of using HAndbrake over WinX DVD Ripper.

    You can browse the DVD directory and rip it from the run button.

    winx dvd

    Why rip a DVD with WinX DVD Ripper instead of Handbrake?

    WinX DVD ripper programme holds many advantages over Handbrake. Reason being, it rips the DVD with fully hardware accelerated speed, in high quality and with a lower end result file size. It takes less time than Handbrake and that makes it less time-consuming.

    We did one test on Windows 10 (64 bit) PC [Intel Core (TM) i7-8700K CPU]. In this test WinX DVD Ripper ripped a DVD in nine and a half minutes at 355 frames per second, maintain 98 percent quality and left a 1.24GB file; Handbrake is limited to 297 frames per second, takes 11 and a half minutes to rip, only maintains 70 percent quality and leaves a massive 6GB file.

    Handbrake only offers MP4, MKV and sometimes M4V while WinX can convert ISO image or DVD to MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, MPEG, H.264, MP3 and more, and backup DVD to NAS/Plex Media Server for streaming.

    WinX DVD Ripper Giveaway

    WinX DVD Ripper is giving Giveaway which you can easily get by clicking on the below device.

    DVD ripper giveaway



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