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    How To Replace Iphone Battery if Damaged

    Recently it was discovered that Apple could be slowing down iOS to improve the performance of the battery in their mobile devices, something that can be seen to a greater extent in the terminals of previous generations.

    But, interestingly, a battery in good condition can also have a positive effect on the performance of the mobile operating system of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. That is why in this tutorial we will explain how to check the battery status and how to replace it if necessary.

    If you are planning to keep your iPhone for much longer, an investment in a replacement of your battery for about 30 euros may interest you.

    How to check the battery status of your iPhone

    Since the release of iOS 10.2.1, Apple has been implementing improvements in its software to prevent battery calibration from suffering problems. In fact, recently, with iOS 11.2 the company did it again for the iPhone 7.

    According to the company of the bitten apple, these improvements have been implemented to offer the best of the experiences to its consumers.

    A very good way to know the battery status of your iPhone, your iPad or your iPod touch is using a totally free application called Battery Life, available in the iOS App Store.

    [appbox appstore id1080930585]

    This app will provide you with detailed information about the capacity, performance, voltage and battery charge of your device.

    How to replace your iPhone’s battery

    If, after analyzing the state of the battery, you think you should change it to a new one to improve the performance of the operating system, you can choose two alternatives: request a battery replacement to Apple or do it manually.

    Apple usually replaces the battery of a terminal for a price around $100. Without a doubt, it is the best option for many of the users. But it is also possible to replace the battery manually thanks to iFixit.

    It is a fairly complex process, and very advanced technical knowledge is required. But iFixit sells some special equipment to do it. The iFixit battery replacement kits are available starting at 19.95 euros (iPhone SE) but the price can reach $70 (iPhone 7 Plus).

    From iFixit they offer battery replacement kits for all available iPhone models.

    Before manually replacing the battery in your iPhone, it is recommended that you obtain information on how to do it thanks to the iFixit video tutorials.

    How does your iPhone’s battery work with iOS 11? Have you ever thought about replacing it with a new one? Would you prefer to go to the Apple Store for it?

    Via | 9to5mac

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