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    how to Pre-Book Jio 4G Feature Phone By SMS

    Reliance Jio will soon start its booking for 4G Reliance Jio phones. It will be available for the users on first come first serve. The feature of online booking is available for the customers via SMS as well. The pre-booking for the phone will kick start from August 24th, 2017 Thursday. For now, the target of 50 crores phone will be available as for the feature phone in India.

    Steps to book Jio Phone

    Booking for the latest 4G Reliance Jio phones can be done via SMS and it’s simple. All you need to do is to send a text message written, ‘ JPJio Store code near your locality’ and sent it to 7021170211 this number. And for the store code, you will need to visit the nearest Jio store. Also, you can do it online, by visiting the official site of jio, ‘’. And click on the ‘keep me posted’ and soon you will be taken to a page, where you can register yourself ‘Register Interest’. And further you need to share the details and you’re done then.

    Steps to book Jio phone with SMS

    Step 1: Get reliance Store code near your location eg jio1234

    Step 2: Send SMS ‘ JPJio jio1234’ to mobile number 7021170211

    Step 3: You will get an SMS “Thank you for your interest in Jiophone India ka smart Phone. We will keep you updated about the developments related to this phone.”

    Step to Book Jio Phone Online

    Step 1: Visit the official website

    Step 2: Click on “keep me posted”

    Step 3: Registration form is open, fill your first name, last name, Email ID, Phone Number and pin code.

    Step 4: Click on register. You will register for the phone

    Step 5: You will get an SMS “Thank you for your interest in Jiophone India ka smart Phone. We will keep you updated about the developments related to this phone.”

    An amount of Rs. 1500 will be needed to pay as a refundable security deposit. Soon after the thirty-six months, the refunded as on the return of the phone, which will make the price of the mobile phone effectively zero. Though, the testing has already done which started back on the 70th independence day. But it is not known about who were the exact users who were testing it could be few selected internal customers or technicians.

    The Jio Phone runs on VoLTE network and comes with a host of pre-installed services such as JioTV and JioCinema apps. The device also has its own digital assistant along with the support for voice commands. It also comes with support for 24 Indian languages. Reliance says that users can long press on the ‘5’ key to directly call their near and dear ones. Furthermore, the company will bring NFC feature on Jio-branded phones as well later this year. The feature will arrive as part of a software update.

    Reliance Jio Phone also supports voice commands. It includes support for 22 Indian languages. Furthermore, the company has also promised to add NFC payment support to JioPhone later this year. JioPhone is said to run on KAI OS, which is a forked OS version of the Firefox OS. For now, it doesn’t offer support for WhatsApp.

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