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    How to Make Calls On iPhone Without Sim-Card

    There is a tendency nowadays that most people belonging to the developed countries have a mobile phone in their possession; no matter that we are talking about children, adults or the elderly, they all have at least basic knowledge of this technology. iPhones have a myriad of utilities, hence their enormous use, but it is well known that adding a SIM card to your system gives even more advantages. Do you want to know some methods to call your contacts without the need to have a SIM?

    A mobile phone that does not have a SIM card would be more or less like a car that did not have the key, that is, unusable. In these small devices is the key information of each user, which makes it possible for us not to lose our data if the outside of our cell or some circuits are damaged. It is often said that without this card we cannot call anyone; And if it were not so? With these programs, we can do it …

    1. Google Voice

    Google is one of the largest companies in terms of computers and technology, so it is quite common that their products are incredible. This popular service comes with a large number of features, including the ability to connect multiple phones to the same incoming call. Apart from this, it has a number of other advantages, such as the possibility of making free calls to numbers in the United States and Canada. Now Google Voice is available only to residents of the United States.

    Click Here to download from the AppStore

    2. Google Hangouts

    A large number of Android users own this application on their mobile phones but do not usually use it because they are unaware of its main function. Hangouts have replaced Google Talk and is now a VoIP plug-in for Google’s social networking tool. It works when we log in to Google+ and integrate your browser by installing a simple add-on. Thanks to him we can make free voice and video calls on Google, make very cheap calls worldwide and even free to the US and Canada.

    [appbox appstore id643496868]

    3. iCall

    iCall is a softphone application that has a version for many operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Among all the countless features that usually come along with popular VoIP applications, there is the possibility of making free calls; however, there is something that we must keep in mind and is that the call cannot be more than 5 minutes. This may not be enough for many, but others consider it ideal not to go around in a roundabout way.

    [appbox appstore id949258422]

    4. VoipYo

    VoipYo is a mobile VoIP application for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows that offers fairly cheap for international calls to many destinations around the world. Calls to the United States and Canada are free, but within a few months, it will be possible in a large number of Latin American countries. Right now the international rates of VoIPYo are among the cheapest in the market; you can make calls to most destinations worldwide with less than one cent per minute. Simply by installing the application on your phone, we can do it.

    [appbox appstore id362528311]

    5. Tuenti

    For many years Tuenti was a social network, but with the passage of the years, the users moved to other places, the reason why they evolved to a mobile company. Operators like this provide customers with the possibility of making voice calls without necessarily having the GSM coverage, that is, that makes it possible for the SIM phones to communicate with each other. It is often said how important “the cloud” is to us; in this case having our phone number inside and accessing a place where we are offered Internet we can make these voice calls.

    [appbox appstore id349705795]

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