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    How to learn React.js by Self-study

    React.js is a javascript library used for making the user interface. When you are building a mobile application or web application you can use React as the base. React is maintained by Facebook. In this blog, we will be talking about How to learn React.js just by self-study.

    Learning React is quite tough if you will start from the basic. If you are interested in learning React then start from learning HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. First, try to learn this stuff before going to learn React.

    So what about if you know all the above stuff and want to learn to React that too by self-study. If you want to learn React by self-study then you are the right page.

    How to learn React.js by self-study

    How to learn React.js
    How to learn React.js

    First of all, to study React you should have your base clear and for that, you have to be very clear about basic language prior to learning React.

    Now let’s talk about how to start with React. To study react you should not force yourself to learn everything in one go. First of all, try to break down the learning process. React can be learned very easily with the help of the breakdown process.

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    React is all about learning everything in the breakdown way. Having said that you have to break down the component, programme them separately and then combine all of them to make a complete package.

    You should have some basic knowledge prior to moving on advance react. You should have knowledge about ES6. React is all about state and props.

    React.js code
    React.js code

    Just so you know that you can use the online code editor such as Codesandbox/ Codepen. These editors are flexible and easy to use. Once you get all the beginner stuff out of the box then you can head over installing React on your local machine and start building your own Projects.

    Best online courses to learn React.js

    • Codecademy ( ReactJS part I & ReactJS Part II ) cost:- Free
    • React Fundamentals By Tyler Mcginnis — Cost- $15 monthly Subscription + you all get a lot of other courses too all for $15. Tyler Mcginnis is one of the Best ReactJS instructors in my opinion.
    • React For Beginners By Wes Bos — Cost:- $80 ( I know its a bit costly but its totally worth it)

    If you complete the above course you can easily move onto the advanced course of React. React can be mastered by practicing it.

    If you come across any problem while learning React you can always head to stack overflow for any query. There are a lot of developers who keep on answering all the question.

    In the coming weeks, we will be talking about how to learn the advance part of React. See you, developers!



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