How to install VirtualBox Extension Pack


Virtualbox Extension Pack is all you need if you use VirtualBox to enable more features. You all know VirtualBox is open-source programming for virtualizing the x86 figuring design. It goes about as a hypervisor, making a VM (virtual machine) in which the client can run another OS (working framework). The working framework where VirtualBox runs is known as the “have” OS. The working framework running in the VM is known as the “visitor” OS. VirtualBox bolsters Windows, Linux, or macOS as its host OS. You might not know what is VB extension pack. This is a combination of drivers that work to increase the functionality of the VirtualBox software. If you don’t know, how to install the Extension Pack, then follow these simple steps to install the Extension Pack.

1. Download the Extension Pack

You can only find the genuine VirtualBox Extension Pack on the VirtualBox download web page. Simple access the page and click on the latest version of the VB Extension Pack. The download process will start.

Download the Virtualbox Extension Pack here


2. Start Installation

Open VB Extension Package file. There will be a pop-up message showing the features of the extension pack. Press the “install” button.


An install wizard will control you through the installation procedure. So as to proceed, make sure to acknowledge the licensing terms. It will pause for a moment or so for the installation to complete. When the installation is finished, the expansion bundles will be added to the “Extension” area of the Preferences window. For all elements of the extension-pack to be helpful to you, guarantee that you have the most recent form of the VirtualBox virtualization programming installed. You will be prompted to refresh, simply click on OK and you will include the most recent form inside a brief span. You will be required to reboot the host working framework for the VirtualBox Extension Pack to be effective.

These were the easy steps to install the Extension Pack. Follow these steps and install the extension pack.