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    How to Install iOS 11 Public Beta on iPad

    If you very much eager to install iOS 11 Public Beta on your iPad then this is the perfect place, today we will show you full step by step on how you can Install iOS 11 Public Beta on iPad. With the iOS 11 final build coming forward, we expect to see more stable version and fewer bugs.

    Installing iOS 11 public beta onto an iPad is easy, but it’s likely an unfamiliar process to many users. No worries, this tutorial will walk through each step, and you’ll be up and running iOS 11 on the iPad in no time at all.

    Things Required:

    • An iOS 11 compatible iPad – including iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad 2017
    • An active internet connection to download and install iOS 11 beta from Apple
    • An Apple ID, this is needed to enroll in the iOS beta program
    • A new backup made of the iPad before starting the iOS 11 install process
    • Several GB of free storage space available on the iPad
    • Acceptance that beta system software is less stable, less reliable, and has generally worse performance than final versions of system software


    It is very much important that you Backup all your contents to icloud or iTunes so in case if you have any problems you can easily all backup contents.

    How To Install iOS 11 On iPad:

    • Backup your iPad if you have not done so already
    • On the iPad, go to this website here on beta.Apple.com to sign up for the iOS 11 public beta program
    • Enroll the iPad and choose to download the iOS beta profile.
    Image Credit: Osxdaily.com
    • When the Install Profile screen shows up, choose “Install” and then agree to the pre-release consent form (I am sure you will read it very carefully!)
    Image Credit: Osxdaily.com
    • Restart the iPad when requested to install the iOS beta software profile
    Image Credit: Osxdaily.com
    • When iPad boots back up again, open the “Settings” app and go to ‘General’ and then to “Software Update”, here you will find the iOS 11 public beta is available to download and install
    Image Credit: Osxdaily.com
    • Confirm that you want to install the iOS 11 beta and agree to the terms and conditions (I’m sure you will read those too)
    Image Credit: Osxdaily.com
    • The iOS 11 beta will download and verify the update, then reboot to begin and complete installation showing a black screen with an Apple logo  and progress bar
    Image Credit: Osxdaily.com
    • When the iPad has finished installing iOS 11, it will boot back up and you will see a white screen saying “Update Completed” where you can walk through a few simple setup steps to configure some options
    Image Credit: Osxdaily.com
    • Your iPad is now on iOS 11 public beta.
    Image Credit: Osxdaily.com

    So, by following each step and applying it on your iPad you will be able to install iOS 11 on your device. So, all the best for the new experience of iOS 11 on your iPad. here are a lot of new features available in iOS 11, both in the core operating system and in the default apps.

    iOS 11 feature comes Handy during multitasking and some more advanced features like:

    • Slide Over
    • Picture in Picture Video
    • Split view with side by side apps

    These are the main attractive features of iOS 11 and we will see more update with more public Beta updates.

    The new products will boost multitasking features like the new Dock, which can be accessed from anywhere just like a Mac, being able to drag apps open to run side by side directly from that Dock, drag and drop support for side-by-side apps, and the all new Multitasking screen and Control Center which behaves a bit like Mission Control on the Mac.

    Image Credit : Osxdaily.com

    Source: Osxdaily

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