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    How to Increase Website Speed in WordPress ?

    Website loading speed is obviously one of the most important criteria in a website which everyone is worrying nowadays. Most of the website visitors will expect a website to load within 2 seconds of time. But sometimes it happens that it will start taking more time. If you have any eCommerce website with a good number of daily visitors and transactions and if your website starts loading slowly that’s when you will start losing customers and as well as money and now imagine if Amazon servers face some trouble and start loading slowly they will lose billions so indeed the site loading time matters very much at the time of dealing as well.

    Here are the ways with the help of which you can make your website fast:

    1. Get a very good hosting :

    Now which hosting service should you use the really doesn’t matter because most of the leading hosting companies like HostGator, Bluehost, Godaddy entry hosts are owned by a single Parent company and that’s EIG the thing which matters is what kind of hosting are you going to buy for your site there are three types of hostings. Sites like Amazon, Facebook and Yahoo use dedicated servers, actually more than one dedicated server which handle their sites in one go.

    1. Buy a Premium Theme with proper Search Engine Optimized :

    This would cost you around $50 which is roughly Rs 3000 in Indian currency but trust me it is a good deal if your site is on a free theme your site will definitely load very slow that’s because most of the free themes are not optimized according to the search engine policy. So, try to buy a premium version of theme which will make your site faster and much better.

    1. Optimizing images inside your website :

    If you are a blogger, then it’s always a good practice to post high-quality images in all your images by giving ALT Text and Caption as well because if you start posting all the images without optimising the size will make your website load slower.

    1. Use a powerful caching Plugin :

    W3 cache is a very useful and extremely powerful for caching purpose as it would increase the runtime of your website in one go. So, use a powerful cache plugin which will increase the loading time of your site.



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