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    How to Get iMessage Access on PC in Windows or Linux

    Though I enjoy using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Apple’s Messages app remains my favorite choice across iDevices. Most of my friends who use Windows crave to use iMessaging. They often ask me, is there a way to use iMessage on Windows PC?

    Finally, I have decided to help those friends use iMessage on Windows. If you also wish to take the advantage of this tip, you can also join the party. Let’s find out!

    How to Get iMessage Access on PC in Windows or Linux

      1. On the Mac with iMessage, you will need to enable Screen Sharing on the Mac via the Sharing Preference Panel

      1. Next on the PC to get and use iMessage from, you will need a VNC client app (RealVNC or TightVNC are two common options for Windows users, TigerVNC and RealVNC are options for Linux )
      2. Open the VNC client in Windows and connect to the Mac with Screen Sharing enabled, do this by pointing the VNC client at the IP address and then logging into the Mac with a valid user login

      1. Now from the Windows PC you are remotely logged into the Mac and have full-screen access to that Mac, including access to iMessage via the Mac Messages app

    Remember screen sharing allows for full remote control of a computer over the internet or LAN, so this is really only appropriate for using your own iMessages from your very own Apple ID from your own Mac.

    You’ll notice this does not depend on any Hackintosh method, nor any virtualization of Mac OS or any other tweaks, mods, or third-party apps. In fact, there are no third-party iMessage apps for Windows or for PC currently, and at the moment Apple does not offer an iMessage client on Windows or PC either.

    For what it’s worth, this same screen sharing feature in Mac OS can also be used from Mac to Mac very easily via the iMessage app itself, but since the Mac has Messages app and direct iMessage access there is less need to do so for this purpose anyway.

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    How to Install Apple’s Messages App on Windows PC Using iPadian 2

    Step #1. Download the iPadian emulator.

    Step #2. Next, install the .exe file on your PC.

    Step #3. Run the emulator.

    Step #4. Accept the terms and conditions.

    Step #5. Once the process of installation is successfully completed. Launch the iPadian software on your computer.

    Step #6. Next, search for “iMessage” in the search bar.

    Step #7. Finally, download the Messages app on your computer.

    Then, launch the launch the app and start your maiden experience of iMessage on your Windows PC.

    That’s it!

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    Method 3: Download iMessage for Windows Using Bluestacks

    iMessage is an instant messaging application by Apple, allowing you to chat with anyone having an iPhone or iTab. Being exclusive to iOS, it’s a widespread belief that it cannot be downloaded for PC. Guess, you’ve been wronged all this while.

    iMessage for PC download is possible, just that you need to have a perfect resource to get it done. This post encompasses all the details about iMessage for Windows Download, making it a no-big-deal for you to install it on your PC.

    Steps To Get iMessage on Windows System:- 

    1. First off all download Bluestacks Android emulator from the given link.
    2. Install Bluestaks just like you install other softwares.
    3. Search iMessage in the search bar.
    4. Download the iMessage App setup it and you are done.

    Whenever you wish to message your friends, simply run Bluestacks on your PC, launch iMessage and chat your woes and worries away

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    iMessage For PC

    iMessage for Windows is a great app and we know that. The good news is that you can now use it on your PC as well. Of course, it is not available on Windows officially but with one of the above methods, you could start sending iMessages to your friends and family instantly. You can share pictures, videos, texts, and documents using iMessage. Hope now you know how to use iMessage on your computer or iMessage on Windows 7.

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