How to force quit on Mac OS Heigh Sierra

how to force quit on mac
how to force quit on mac

However, mac OS is a very fast operating system but sometimes it also faces an unresponsive application. This is you cannot give any command at that time and you can’t do anything. When you attempt to close the application so that you can relaunch, it additionally ends up unresponsive. Some of the time even the mouse pointer won’t move to the quit button. Frustrating, frightful possibly? Indeed, you should not be frightened. If you want to know how to force quit on Mac OS, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Using the Keyboard

Press these three keys together: Option, Command, and Esc (Escape).


Then, select the app which is not responding in the Force Quit window, then click Force Quit.

force quit using keyboard

2. From the Dock

More often when an application stops responding, the menu bar at the top ends up inert too. The Dock at the base screen is another trick of the trade. It will enable you to close the application at that point reopen it and return to what you were doing. Search for the application symbol at the Dock, press Option (Alt) and Right Click it at that point click on the Quit alternative button at the bottom.

how to force quit on mac

3. Using the Activity Monitor

The default Apple program Activity Monitor System gives data about the CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk and Network. It likewise enables you to “stop” any system process on Mac. Open Activity Monitor from Launchpad → go to CPU tab → select the “floating” process from the rundown and snap the “Power a Process to Quit” catch in the upper left top. Confirm the operation.


4. Using Terminal

If all the above steps didn’t enable, at that point you to in any case can power shut down the application through the command line. To launch the terminal alternative, you initially need to open the Applications folder followed by Utilities at the base. After certain seconds, your username, just as a tilde mark, will show up in a case.  Launch the Terminal and type the following command:

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killall [application name]

Click Enter.


These were some steps which you can follow when you get stuck in trouble to force quit the apps on mac OS. However, forcing an app to quit is not as safe, as you can lose your unsaved data, only do it when data loss is not an issue.

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