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    How to Fix iPhone 8/8+ Home Button Not Working

    You might have faced the issue that the home button on your iPhone 8/8+ is not working, But well here a quick solution to fix it.

    Everything You Need To Know About Homeless iPhone 8

    Apple has changed the home button technology from the iPhone 7 series giving consumers a haptic feedback button which is not clickable but depends upon the sensitivity touch of your finger. The same has been applied for the new iPhone 8/8+ which too is not clickable.

    Thus it has been made problems for many users, That they have been undergoing a problem where their native home-buttons are not working and thus they have to rely on the on-screen circle navigation button which is not handy at all. Though this problem might not be a hardware level for you instead of being the issue caused by the software side. In this, we will explain the fixing method which is as easy as counting 1 2 3…

    Note: if you happen to drop your iPhone and only after that event the home button is
    not working then this below fix will not work for you and that might be a problem for
    some internal damage itself and thus you further look for hardware repair itself.

    Reboot or Hard reset

    This problem has been worked for many users and you should too not hesitate to try it yourself in order to fix it.

    To do this method! head over to our Following article below to know how to safely do it without making any unknown errors to cause any additional damage.

    How to Force/Hard Reset iPhone 8/8 plus or iPhone X

    Connect to your Charger

    Who knows, That there might be an issue that your iPhone is giving mis-considerable errors just because it won’t has enough charge. Though that’s pretty rare, we advise you to charge your iPhone as it will make a light connection between your phone and the electricity and might come to make work.

    Check for iOS Update

    Go to the Settings > General > Software Update.

    Reset all settings

    Go to the Settings app on iPhone, iPad.

    Next, General > Reset.

    Under Reset > Tap on Reset All Settings.

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