How to drive more traffic to your website


Within India, the digital revolution in business is well underway. Already sectors like tech, customer service and IT are booming due to digital advances in how we all work. Much of this is due to the impact of the internet and how it has made global business possible. Now, companies in India can reach across the continents to engage with customers in any country or business clients in any place. Of course, to make the most of this opportunity you not only need a well-designed website but also people visiting it to see what your company offers.

This issue of driving traffic to your website can often be tricky for some organizations. After all, with so many other websites that people could visit, how do you make them choose yours?

Cover real-time events

One great way to stand out from the crowd is by offering news on real-time events. This kind of topical content will help attract more traffic from people searching for updates on current events or competitions. Of course, when they are at your site, it means they will also be exposed to your brand and see what you have to offer them. An ICC cricket 2019 World Cup Guide is a great idea here as would be any other event that can be written about in real-time on your site. Big events like this can really help you draw in a lot of extra search engine traffic.

Think about SEO

The number of people within India and around the globe who use search engines to find what they want on the internet is huge. It is thought that over 3 billion searches are made on Google each day alone! This makes ranking high up in the search engine results key to getting more traffic. Search engine optimization helps you do this by using ethical techniques to show search engines that your site is relevant.

get traffic to your website free
get traffic to your website free

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Common SEO techniques include optimizing your Alt tags, optimizing any images you use, writing proper META tags and also ensuring you post a regular flow of useful, authoritative content.

Social media

Alongside search engines, social media is another massive area that all businesses can use to their advantage. Instagram, for example, has around one billion active users, which shows just how large a market this is to engage with.

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Posting links to your website content on social media can help drive traffic there as can simply engaging with potential customers on social media platforms. These platforms are also good for driving traffic to your site by posting regular news on your business or details of special offers you have running.

More traffic equals more revenue

While it is not quite as simple as this, in general terms you should see more success as a business if you drive more visitors to your site. Just remember to have a website that is well designed and easy to use – this will help in converting those who visit into sales or orders. The above tips should help in attracting more people to you online though and generate more interest in what you do.