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    How To Download and install Signal on Mac or Windows PC

    How To Download and install Signal on Mac or Windows PC

    The free encrypted calling and texting app Signal—endorsed and used by the likes of Edward Snowden—is now available for desktop PCs in beta.

    The encryption app has become a staple on iOS and Android by being both highly effective at protecting privacy and sharply simple so that anyone can use it to make calls and send texts. Signal’s move to PCs represents the most significant expansion since Open Whisper Systems, the nonprofit behind the app, first ported its work to Android in 2010.

    Signal also supports encrypted voice-over-IP for voice calls, image and media messaging, and a variety of other nice features for communication, and for maintaining some security, like auto-deleting messages.

    If you’re on a Mac or Windows PC, and you want to setup Signal on your computer to communicate with other Signal users, the walkthrough below will detail the process.

    How To Install And Setup Signal on Mac:

    Here are the steps to Install and setup Signal on Mac:

    • First, get Signal for iPhone or Android and set it up on your phone, it requires a phone number that can be verified and this is not optional *
    • Next, download the Signal client for Mac
    • Install Signal by dragging the Signal.app file into your /Applications folder, then launch the Signal app **
    • Upon launching Signal, you’ll see a QR code, now you must go back to your iPhone or Android to complete setup
    • Open Signal on the iPhone or Android, then tap on Settings (it’s the gear icon in the corner)
    • Choose “Linked Devices”


    • Select “Link New Device – Scan QR Code” and point the phone’s camera at the QR code on the Mac screen

    • Once the QR code is recognized and the connection is confirmed, give the Mac an identifiable name, and that’s it

    Now you’re ready to use Signal on the Mac! Or a Windows PC, or whatever else you set it up on.



    The signal is a multi-user app which requires both end user one acting as Sender and another receiver and vice-versa. To use signal users need to set up an account and have to add their friends, family as a friend on the chat list and you are good to go. The Signal also uses 256-bit encryption which maintains chat privacy and security.

    Source: Osxdaily

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