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    How to Download and get Spotify ++ Premium on iOS 12 in 2019

    Are you aware of what Spotify is all about? Spotify is a digital music service which gives you access to millions of songs across the world. It is considered one of the best platforms to listen to music. It was formed by a Swedish company in 2008.

    Spotify is very similar to another music app though it does have certain features which makes it unique. You can listen to almost any song without downloading and paying for it. However, there are many obstructions which you will encounter if you are using free subscription of Spotify. In the paid version you get rid of all those obstructions but it comes with a cost.

    download spotify ++ on ios 12

    We here at Techfire will tell you how to download Spotify ++ on iOS 12 which will give you access to millions of the song without spending any penny. The plus point is that you don’t need to be jailbroken to use it. Spotify ++ gives you all the features of Spotify premium.

    In this blog, we are going to talk about what are the requirements prior to downloading Spotify ++ and also a step-by-step tutorial on how you can use Spotify++ on your iOS 12 device.


    Below are the important point and requirements which you should know prior to download Spotify++. This point will give you a clear view about the requirements of Spotify.

    1- First and foremost, there is no need for any computer or desktop.

    2- Spotify ++ can be revoked any time by Apple. If in future you encounter this activity then you can download the application again to get rid of this fiasco.

    3- The method by which Spotify ++ will get installed does not require any jailbreak.

    4- Some of the premium features which has been added in Spotify++ are given below.

    • No ads
    • Unlimited skips
    • Scrubbing through songs
    • Extreme sound quality streaming

    Step-by-Step tutorial to download Spotify++ on iOS 12 device

    1- First and foremost, head to this link (APPVALLEY). You need to open this link in Safari. Once open with safari you will find a page similar to APPLE STORE.

    download spotify on ios

    2- In the search box type “Spotify”. You will get the various option with the name of Spotify.

    3- Find the app whose name is “Spotify++”. Tap on “Get” and the application will get installed. You can choose its various variants as they are the same application with a different color scheme.

    4- You are now on the install page. Click on install the application you will get a popup saying ” you want to install the application”. Click on yes. The application will start downloading.

    5- Once the application gets installed on your device it will not open immediately as this is a third-party application. You need to do some changes in the setting. Go to setting>Device Management.

    6-Tap one of the menus on this page until you find the one containing Spotify++. Tap ‘Trust’ twice and the app will become trusted.

    7- After the app become trusted you just need to open it for use. You can use this application like normal application without encountering any problem on your iPad, iPhone.

    8- Once you are in the application you need to log in for the first time. You can input the details which are asked and start using it right away.


    So what are you waiting for if you are a music lover then start using it right away. You don’t need to spend a single penny to listen to music. Spotify++ is very easy to download. Just follow the aforementioned steps and start enjoying to the fullest. I hope this article helps you to listen to music free of cost. Keep following us on different social media website for the lastest article.



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