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    How to Disable Background App Refresh on iPhone & iPad

    Is your iPhone draining too quickly nowadays? Let me tell you that one of the main reason why you need to charge your battery frequently can be enabling the background application refresh. In this blog, we will be telling you how you can disable the Background refresh on iPhone and iPad so that your battery doesn’t die soon.

    Disabling the background App refresh doesn’t only save you from battery consumption but also saves you from the various security breach, Hence it’s of prime importance to disable Background App. Let’s get started.

    Apple says that Background App Refresh “allows apps to refresh their content when on Wi-Fi or cellular in the background”. Hence disable background app refresh might not be known to many people hence in this blog we will tell you how to disable Background app refresh quite easily.

    How to Disable Background App Refresh on iPhone and iPad

    Follow the below steps to turn off Background App refresh on iPhone and iPad.

    1. Open the “Settings” app in iOS
    2. Go to “General”
    3. Tap on “Background App Refresh”
    4. Set “Background App Refresh” to be OFF to disable the feature completely


    Disable Background app refresh
    Disable Background app refresh

    If you do the above steps many users can’t find the difference after turning off  Background App refresh but there’s a drastic change in the battery life of the iPhone. Hence disable Background App refresh to increase the battery life.

    If you are not getting the option then I will recommend you to update the iPhone to the latest version.

    If anytime soon you want to enable this feature then you can easily do so.

    How to Enable Background App Refresh in iOS

    Follow the below steps to enable Background App refresh in iOS.

    1. Open the “Settings” app
    2. Go to “General”
    3. Choose “Background App Refresh”
    4. Set “Background App Refresh” to be ON
    5. Optionally, manually adjust apps you want to disable Background App Refresh for specifically
    6. Exit Settings when finished

    That’s all about how to enable and disable the background app refresh. If you have any opinion or thought we will love to hear about it as well through the comment box below.




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