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    How to Compress a Large Video Files Without Degrading its quality

    We all have a limited Storage space on your phone, tablet and if you want to increase the space for that you will have to buy external device or SD card which sometimes becomes so costly. Because without it you can not keep a repository of video files with you. but in addition to purchase the SD card is another way to keep lots of video files and without even spending lots of money on it. So, in this tutorial I am going to provide you with a ‘How to Compress a Video Files Without Losing Its Quality’.


    Handbrake is a tool which can easily Compress a Video Files and that without losing its quality. This tool helps you to Compress a Video Files in very less up to 70% reduces Without Losing Its Quality. Handbrake video compressing tools on almost all the Operating System which includes the Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.10.

    Credits: DeskModder

    How to Compress Video Files without Losing Quality

    First of all, you need to download the Handbrake software on your system. After Download and install Handbrake first you need to launch the Handbrake tool on your system. After launch Handbrake will open and it will look like.

    Step 1– Firstly, you need to click on Source > Open File to select the video file which you want to compress with an ease.

    Step 2– After you select video file then you need to select place where your compressed file will be save to do this, then simply click on Browse button under Destination. If you don’t select any destination then by default it is save in the same folder where the original file is.

    Step 3– Now you need to setup the output setting Mp4 if it is not selected (you can any other output format) and check Web Optimized box.

    Step 4– Click on video and make sure that the pixel count of H.264(X264) is selected.

    Step 5– After set given steps finally click on Start to compress the video quickly. The green start button will become RED Stop button as soon as the compression is finished. As the button converts to green then you are ready to view the compressed video. now you will see the video size is compressed around 70%.



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