How to Check Size of App Updates in the Mac App Store

App Updates
App Updates

Many of Mac users have some memory constraint which always annoys them. Some of the App which you are having in your phone comes with a certain update and hence the user must see the size of the application before updating.

Some of the apps which are present in our Mac have updates which are very large in space so you must check the size of the application before updating it.

In this blog, we will be talking about how you can check the size of apps in the app store before updating the same.

How to See the Size of App Updates in Mac App Store

To check the size of the application before downloading do the following steps.

  1. Open the Mac App Store
  2. Go to the “Updates” tab to find the available app software updates
  3. To find the size of an app update, click the small “More” button

    iphone size
    iphone size
  4. See the size of the app update in the little popup window. You will get the exact size of the application which you are trying to install.

    App Updates
    App Updates

You will also see a more button if you click on it it will show you the exact release date of the application.

You can anyways check the size once you click on the downloading option but knowing it from before will help you. Share it with your friends and let them know how you can check the app updates size before downloading it. Follow us on the facebook page to keep a check on our latest article.

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