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    How To Add and Delete Apps on Apple Watch

    Need to get install, or delete of an outsider application on your Apple Watch? Here’s the secret.

    Outsider Apple Watch applications aren’t really applications — they’re iPhone application augmentations. All things considered, when you download an iPhone application with an Apple Watch part, that application will as a matter of course naturally introduce to your watch. Here’s the manner by which to keep that from happening, including new applications, and erase applications you never again need.

    How to add new apps to your Apple Watch

    • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
    • Tap the App Store or Search tab.
    • Find the apps you’d like to download.
    • Tap Get on the app page.

    • Tap Install. When the download will be finished, it will automatically install in your watch.

    How to remove apps from your Apple Watch

    You could remove apps in your Apple Watch in two ways:

    1. From the watch itself, or
    2. from the Watch app on your iPhone.

    How to remove apps directly from your Apple Watch

    • On the Apple Watch’s watch, get to your app list.

      Note: If your app list is in List View, press firmly on the display to change it back to Grid View— you can’t delete apps in List View.

    • Press hold on an app icon until it goes dark.
    • Swipe around the screen to find the third-party app you wish to delete. (You can’t delete pre-loaded apps on watchOS.)
    • Tap the app icon.

    • Tap Delete App.
    • Press the Digital Crown to exit Edit mode.

    How to remove apps from the Watch app on your iPhone

    • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
    • Tap the My Watch tab.
    • Scroll to the Installed section on Apple Watch.

    1. Tap the third-party app you want to uninstall.
    2. Toggle Off the Show App on Apple Watch.
    3. By this method it very be very easy and covineent too. but it does need to be connected to your apple watch

    So guys this was the whole tutorial on How to add and delete apps on apple watch. Hope you guys liked it.

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