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    How SeekaHost Is Helping Indian Businesses

    Although most businesses in India are aware of digital marketing, most tend to concentrate more on designing a website and leaving it at that. But the desire of every website owner is for their website to be ranked highly on the search engines.

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    The Indian consumer of today is completely different from yesterday’s; today, shoppers and consumers conduct online price comparisons, product reviews, all online. This makes sense especially when you consider that over 70% of Indian youths and millenials own a Smartphone or handheld device of some sort.

    What makes one website get ranked on the first page and another at the bottom of the same page? Is there a relationship between web hosting, and the success of your website in terms of ranking? Yes there is, and this is the secret that SeekaHost has been using to catapult Indian businesses to the top. We’re a professional and affordable Web Hosting company offering our hosting services to individuals and businesses in India.

    Latency makes all the difference

    • SeekaHost prides itself of having a wealth of experience hosting websites first in the UK, before venturing in the Indian market. And when we did our research, we realized that most Indian businesses are content having their site designed and hosted by whoever has the most affordable rates; they hardly consider whether the site will be ranked at the top or not.

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    • All our web hosting services are hinged on the principle of latency; it enables us to optimize your site to make it more visible to your local audiences. As your web host, we’ll customize the web servers you’re using so that the duration it takes between receiving a request and finding your URL is greatly shortened.
    • This speed is usually measured in milliseconds. As an Indian based business, it’s only helpful that you’re most visible to your target market and most of it is based in India. We optimize the web servers to the finest details of City and Town you’re located.
    • As an Indian based web host, we’re best suited to customize your site and give it more visibility to local audiences. SeekaHost has employed this trick before and it works miracles, this is one of the reasons why for over 18 years, we’ve only gotten better at what we do. Our hosting packages are affordable and suitable for almost everyone looking for an online presence.

    Personal web Hosting

    Our single/Personal Web Hosting plans are ideal for small businesses, you get 10GB disk space, a powerful control panel, 100GB Bandwidth, and a very user friendly Access Manager.

    Premium Web Hosting

    This hosting plan is perfect for a growing Indian business that is projecting to expand and reach a wider consumer base. It offers you unlimited SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Number of Websites, Unlimited Bandwidth, a website builder and free domain Name. Additionally, you also get 99.9% uptime guarantee, FP over SSL and SSH access.

    Business Web Hosting

     This plan offers you total reliability because you get unlimited of everything; unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space. Unlimited number of websites and email accounts, create own domains as you like, and so on so forth. Unlike the other hosting plans that have weekly backups, here you’ll daily backups and Deluxe live tech support; means you’re always given priority anytime, any day you have an issue.

    hosting services

    • Their prices are also very affordable and we have a 45 day money back guarantee policy, incase our services disappoint. This shows you just how confident we’re of what we do, we always strive to deliver. SeekaHost guarantees you of impressive server performances when it comes to the speed, security, and overall reliability.
    • They are constantly checking and upgrading our capabilities in order to ensure that your business always remains a step ahead of competitors. In cases when we need to do maintenance works on our servers, we will inform you early and ensure that we do that when there’s least interruptions to your business.


    • You’ll be glad to note that our support team is all based in India, means that their response time to any queries you may have is very short. The support team is available 24/7; you can reach us via email or on Live Chat. At a time when over 320 million Indians are expected to be active online shoppers by 2020, it makes much business sense to position your business well in time.
    • SeekaHost is the link you need to walk that future, our web hosting services are robust and secure. We have experience working with all types of businesses, big and small. Talk to us any time and we’ll be glad to answer all your questions. Flexible payment methods affordable hosting packages, reliable backup; you need it, SeekaHost will give it to you.

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    Md Kashif Ali
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