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    Here’s How Technology Has Changed The Way Of Writing. Read On To Know More

    Writers have come a long way from using pens and papers to now using computers and laptops. Technology has changed over the years, and so has the means and style of writing.

    It is said that we write differently with a crayon, pencil, or pen as it makes us feel and think differently. Hence, there is substantial evidence to support that technology has changed the way of writing as well.

    Top 7 Ways How Technology has Changed Ways of Writing 

    The primary technology change came in the world of writing when typewriters were introduced. The machine’s clickity-clackity sound made its way to most of the authors’ hearts for typing out their thoughts.

    Some writers still use typewriters to this day. Here, we will mostly discuss how the invention of computers and the internet has shaped the current writing process.

    Word Processing 

    Earlier, most plays and novels were written by hand. When it was time for mass-printing, the literary work format would have to be discussed with the writers. Nowadays, computers have made it easier to change the format in a few steps.

    Hence, writers can now edit the passages and their alignment at will, separate the sections freely, and even order the content accordingly.

    There are many writing software that helps writers to write effectively. You can even find some good book writing software that takes care of editing, formatting and offers other helpful tools.

    Writing Style 

    As mentioned earlier, using different means to write affected the quality and thought-processes of written pieces.

    However, this may be different and unique for each person. You can get a fresh flow of ideas only when writing by hand, while others could feel the same when typing.

    In other cases, different means for writing has helped writers to get a better idea of the plot or story. Moreover, the writing style is no longer dependent on the writer’s emotions.

    It is now dependent on many factors like using the pen, paper, typewriter, or computers in general. You can easily notice these changes by trying these methods of writing.

    Creativity & Originality 

    Some of the best writers in the classical era relied on their creativity and environment to find inspiration to write. They had limited access to various information and had to rely on learning from others to make their work as authentic as possible.

    Also, they had very limited means to carry out a thorough research on any topic. This is because their research area was geographically limited to their place of stay.

    In comparison, writers now have ready-access to a huge database of information via the Internet. It is very easy to research and cross-check key elements that would be important to the story.

    They can even access old public records or archives to better understand a scenario or setting. Hence, it is easy to research other’s work and get inspiration from them.


    The most important and helpful change with technology is the digitization of literary works.

    Previously, writers had the habit of starting a novel and leaving it midway to work on another novel. As a result, the earlier works would often get lost or destroyed as it was locally stored.

    However, digitization has helped us store all our work online via cloud storage. Now, your work will never be lost unless you accidentally delete it.

    Even then, you’ll have the option to restore the piece from the trash folder. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your pending pieces being lost, and you can always go back to them when inspiration strikes.

    Writing Tools 

    Technology has helped writers gain access to a range of writing tools that have made it a lot easier to write.

    Some major writing software comes equipped with a grammar checking tool, template designs, page formatting tools, and more. Hence, writers are now able to present their thoughts precisely as they think.

    Various software provides ready-made templates for writing novels, short stories, poems, and more. You can even find the best screenwriting software to write scripts for plays, videos, or even movies.

    However, some tools may not align with the writer’s ideas as their thoughts do not adhere to computational algorithms.

    Editing and Proofreading 

    Before, writers had to proofread their work themselves or hire a professional editor to do the same. Either way, the reader would have to go through each line repeatedly to identify common grammatical and spelling mistakes.

    As a result, some writers had to master their command over language and grammar to succeed in their careers.

    With the help of technology, most of the editing and proofreading tasks have been computerized. Book writing software can now identify spelling and grammatical mistakes on the fly and correct them as well.

    However, these methods are not exactly reliable as the program uses Artificial Intelligence to do so. Hence, there could be mistakes in the software’s part as well. But it makes the process a lot faster and smoother.


    As a problematic issue, most original writers face the risk of getting their ideas or writing pieces stolen. The majority of countries have copyright laws, but they are different in many ways.

    Moreover, some writers can easily go through your work and restructure the sentences in their way to make it look genuine.

    Therefore, you should refrain from posting your work on a platform where such activities can be easily carried out.

    The Internet also makes it easier for others to come across your work without you having to advertise it. Hence, always be wary of sharing your ideas online.


    Writing in itself is a complicated task, but it can be made a little bit easier with modern technology.

    Many award-winning authors use book writing software or use the Internet to research key elements for their plot points. Apart from that, they can easily use the writing tools to format, edit, and proofread along the way.

    Therefore, technology has changed the way of writing in several ways. For the most part, they have helped change it for the better, but it does come with some downfalls. In the end, it is up to you to explore, discover, and utilize writing tools to improve your works by yourself.

    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
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