New upgrade to WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro 18.0

hd video converter factory
hd video converter factory

When it comes to video converters, I believe many of you have a converter that you can recommend. I also have a converter recommended for you. If you have used the converter developed by WonderFox Soft, you must know that WonderFox Soft’s concept of software is simple and easy to operate. The cost-effective WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro18.0 is such a software. It is also a brand new software that improves on previous versions and adds new features.

hd video converter factory
hd video converter factory

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro 18.0 is different from the old version in three aspects: different interfaces, adding new features, language settings to adapt to more people.

Different interface:

The color of the new interface is more vivid, the button layout is neat, and the function of each button is clear. Let the novices quickly adapt to the entire interface. This is a great way to highlight the design concept of WonderFox, which is easy to operate.

New Features:

In addition to the conversion, online download function retention, also added Recorder, GIF Maker function.

How to Use the recorder?

First, download and install it. Then click the Recorder button on the interface.

When you enter the screen operation interface, you will see the button: Custom and Full Screen. According to your control of the screen range, you can select full screen or click custom, and adjust the recording area and recording interface by dragging with the mouse.

hd video converter factory
hd video converter factory

In the Quick Settings area, you can quickly adjust the quality of the output video by dragging the slider with your mouse. The farther the slider is to the right, the higher the quality of the output video. Conversely, the closer the slider is to the left, the lower the quality of the output video. There is an inverted triangle button at the bottom of the screen. Click this button to change the path of the output screen. Click the REC button to start recording. During recording, you can pause recording by clicking the pause button on the recording area with your mouse. You can also end and save the recording by holding down the Ctrl + F1 button on your keyboard.

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How to make a GIF animation

Example of the video in AVI format.

Step 1: From the main interface, choose the GIF Maker and then select the Convert Video to GIF option.

Step 2: From the Convert Video to GIF window, click +Add Video to import AVI file from your PC. From the bottom of the window, choose the Start and the End time of the video for which you wish to create a GIF animation or you can directly drag the slider to select the video fragment you want.

Convert Video to GIF
hd video converter factory

Next, choose the output resolution, frame rate and quality of the animation. In addition, you can also drag the slider to set the Time delay for each frame. Finally, press the “Create GIF” button to start converting the video to GIF.


In the language setting, compared to the old version only English, the new version adds French, German, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional.

This allows non-English users to adapt to the software more quickly when using the software, without language problems. I think this is a humanized setting. What do you think?

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HD Video Converter Factory

In addition to the functions mentioned above, there are still some features that have not been mentioned. There is also a Toolbox button on the main page. You can make Ringtone in the Toolbox. If you are interested, you can try it. If you are excited about the software, download it now! Click this link to download WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro and you can get it for free. Please don’t hesitate! Download and have a try!