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    How To Hack iOS 12 Beta 1 for Developers

    How To Hack iOS 12 Beta 1 for Developers:

    At WWDC, Apple announced the iOS 12 Beta 1 for Developers and users and within 24 Hours a young Developer named Abraham Masri Hacked the iOS 12 Beta 1 and he followed that up on his twitter post.

    Abraham hacked iOS 12 and developed a new zero-day exploit. He ported Houdini semi-jailbreak to an iPhone 7 running iOS 12 Beta 1 firmware.

    Basically, he ported Houdini-SemiJailbreak to iOS 12 Developer Rom which is in Beta 1. A semi-jailbreak allows users to modify Control Center, apply Anemone themes, change fonts, etc.

    Above is the Tweet that Abraham Masri did:

    Now that the Hack is out in front of developers, they are utilizing its concept to develop a lot more. Houdini is a semi-jailbreak, there’s a lot of “hacking” going on behind the scenes. The older versions of this tool utilize a sandbox escape to modify the stock iOS operating system.

    Houdini For iOS 12:

    As of now, there is no chance of Houdini jailbreak for iOS 12, we are expecting to get updated nearly September.


    Developers don’t want to make the Houdini Jailbreak out for iOS 12 any time soon as iOS 12 is in beta version and many others are not willing to install on their devices.

    Therefore, you must wait until Apple drops the first public version of iOS 12But even then, there’s no guarantee that it will work on that version as Apple may patch it beforehand.

    Abraham is professional security researcher and makes vulnerabilities public only after reporting them to Apple.

    He also ported Houdini to iOS 11.4 a few weeks back and will probably wait for Apple’s security team to patch it before he releases it.

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