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    Google’s Chrome OS likely to replace Android

    Google’s new OS version 64 is launching its new Tablet focused Chromebooks. Google has been working on merging the Android and Chrome OS Chromebook for quite a while.

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    The upgrade in this version has a new feature, splitting of the screen. This feature is for users who do multitasking in Tablet mode. This will help them to do different activities simultaneously. They have screenshot feature as well. The company is working on low-income product and hybrid 2 in 1 tablets make it as a more efficient Chromebook. Some of these advanced changes in the latest version has a more chances of going to replace Android in future. It is likely to be the hybrid OS for all kinds of Google-powered screen.

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    Last year, Google allowed Android apps to work in the background of the Chromebook. It has also been focusing on Touch-focus redesigning. This is to make the software more reliable and efficient in tablet mode.

    Google is working on merging both the Android and Chrome OS. This would be a blend of mobile, tablet, PC OS in a hardware. As Android is more dominant in mobile as OS, Chrome OS is being more accepted as a tablet OS. This is due to Android not being too efficient on tablets as they are not flexible on all kinds of computing format and doesn’t have much support in stylus support.

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    They have more advanced and latest trending feature that can lock screen performance feature and has enabled the feature of Virtual private Network in Google Android Play Store.

    Touchscreen pairing setting is also getting one of the most essential feature which is added as a new feature. Google has also made changes and fixed the security issues.

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